Take five courses from the History Department, two of which must be at the level 300: 

(NOTE: One of the five courses must cover history outside of the US and Europe)

HS-104 European History to 1550

HS-109 China and Japan to 1800

HS-115 United States to 1877

HS-116 The U.S. Since 1877

HS-152 World Civilizations From 1500

HS-199 Special Topics

HS-200 The Great War

HS-201 Samurai Legends & Lives

HS-204 Australia/New Zealand

HS-213 History of Ireland

HS-215 Rome: Republic to Empire

HS-217 The Lowcountry and the Gullah Culture

HS-221 Gender and Sexuality

HS-262 North American Environmental History

HS-266 History of South Africa

HS-268 Sword & Scimitar: Islam & West 500-1300

HS-272 Natives & Colonists in Early N. America

HS-277 History of Food

HS-293 Sophomore Colloquium

HS-305 The American Revolution

HS-306 People's Republic of China

HS-309 Civil War and Reconstruction

HS-312 The New South: 1877-1990

HS-313 Disease, Medicine & Empire

HS-314 Medieval Medicine

HS-316 WWII in Asia and Pacific

HS-320 Interpreting Terrorism

HS-322 Women's Lives-Medieval Europe

HS-324 Gendering the Raj

HS-325 The U.S. Since 1945

HS-326 Modern China

HS-327 Modern Japan

HS-367 Women in Africa