History Class at Juniata College


Designated POEs


Individualized POEs

Students may design their own POEs by bringing together the secondary emphasis in History with courses from other programs. Recent examples include: History and English; International Politics and History; French and History.

  • Fulfill at least the requirements for the secondary emphasis above.
  • A senior experience is required, but it may be outside the History department.
  • Work closely with your advisors to structure a cohesive program.


Distinction in the POE

Students may obtain distinction in the history POE by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.4;
  • An approved, up-to-date POE in history or a history-related individualized POE;
  • A senior thesis which, in the opinion of the thesis advisor and members of the department, represents high-quality work;
  • A public presentation of the thesis at NCUR, the Juniata Liberal Arts Symposium, or another public venue.
  • No application is necessary for distinction.