What should you expect?

The History Program of Emphasis (POE) is composed of 14 courses, including a Sophomore Colloquium and a Senior Thesis Seminar. At least 4 courses that deal with the history of countries outside the U.S. and Europe are also required. A creative component enables you to take history as a secondary emphasis and combine history with your other interest(s). Recent graduates have created POEs in History and Museum Studies, History and Politics, History and English, and History and Communication. Here's what your four years in the History Department at Juniata College might look like.

Download the department handbook in pdf
Download a suggested four-year course rollout for Social Studies Secondary Education

"The history professors at Juniata all have an open door policy. Whether you are struggling or just have a simple question, they are always willing to talk to you and try to help you excel."

-Emma Campbell

Freshman Year

Start your career! Choose 3 or 4 history courses:

  • American History Survey
  • European History Survey
  • World Civilization
  • Special topics courses (What's new this year?)
  • Get involved in the History Club!

Sophomore and Junior years

Build up your broad expertise in history with a variety of courses that span the globe and the centuries:

Senior year 

A Sampling of Courses

20th-Century American Wars
China and Japan to 1800
Civil War and Reconstruction
Crimes Against Humanity
Gendering the Raj
Global Environmental History
The Historian’s Craft
Islam: Origins and Modernity
Interpreting Terrorism
Medieval Medicine Disease, Medicine, and Empire
Samurai Legends and Lives
Southern Africa
Women in Africa
Women’s Lives: Medieval Europe