Student Outcomes in International Studies

Stephen Alexander '09 is developing a career in nonprofit management and leadership development. He works as a program manager at Exponent Philanthropy and recently chaired the board of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Washington, DC.

Rebekah Bennett '12 is currently teaching English in Korea.

Lyndsey Biddle '06 (IS and French) taught in China for two years and plans to attend graduate school for agricultural development.

Nicholas Bower '01 (IS/Biology) got his D.O. and has created a non-profit organization (Physicians for Humanity) that provides free medical services to poor people in Ecuador

Alison Browning '05 taught English at a French-speaking tropical paradise (La Reunion). She is now pursuing a teaching certificate in French.

Liz Buenzli '11 is a recruiter at Global Employment Solutions in Washington, D.C., where she connects local professionals with international opportunities at the International Monetary Fund, the National Institutes of Health, PanAmerican Health Organization and many other private, public and nonprofit organizations. 

Mackenzie Coulter-Kern '14 is employed as a Spanish and English as a second language teacher at Manchester Community School in Manchester, Ind.

Christine Cutting '06 (International Peace Studies) is working at Boardwalk Marketing International; plans to attend graduate school.

Tim Dempsey '04 worked at the Fulbright Commission and at the USDA University. He is now attending graduate school in Russian Studies.

Kelly deWolfe '13 is employed in event planning at Community Change, Inc., and in social media management at Jewish Voice for Peace in Boston, Mass.

Jason Freeman '05 attended law school at the University of Colorado, Boulder; he graduated in 2008.

Courtney Goodman '13 is teaching English at Mianyang Normal University in China.

Emily Hauser '09 is currently working on her doctorate in Comparative Politics with a focus in Sub-Saharan Africa at the University of Florida following a year abroad in Abuja, Nigeria as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. Her study abroad experiences in The Gambia and Senegal have led her to her current path.

Pan Heinrichs '12 is currently attending a master’s degree in program in agricultural economics at the University of Illinois.

Jordan Holsinger '13 is in Quito, Ecuador, working for an organization that arranges international experiences for American students.

Meg Hourigan '13 is employed at Americorp-VISTA at EndHunger Connecticut in Hartford, Conn.

Mariel Little '09 worked at the Inter-American Development Bank in DC for two years. She is now in an intensive education program to become a Spanish teacher.

Olga Lomonosova '06 recently received a Master's in International Relations.

Cheryl Mariani '12 whose Program of Emphasis (POE) at Juniata was international studies, French and economics, is enrolled in a doctoral program studying political science at the University of Delaware.

Andrew Medlyn '12 was a fellow at the Partnership for Public Service. He is now employed at Johns Hopkins University.

Elise Mihranian '14 is employed as a continuous improvement analyst at TE Connectivity in Harrisburg, PA.

Hannah Miller '13 is volunteering at Heifer Farm. She plans to attend graduate school in 2015.

Justin Miller '02 (Politics and IS) graduated from Michigan State law school (with a focus in international law).

Kurdo Othman '06 is special assistant and translator to the Ministry of Trade in the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Ryan Richards '06 (International Development) did volunteer work as the manager and chief fundraiser for a private primary and secondary school in Guatemala. Ryan is currently pursuing a Master's Degree at the Wagner School of Public Policy at NYU. He plans to be a social entrepreneur. 

Kristin Robinson '07 worked as the Publications Manager for the German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China for three years. She is now earning a Master's degree at the London School of Economics.

Scott Sloat '10 recently finished an internship with the Carnegie Council's education division and is currently serving in the Peace Corps. His country of service is the Dominican Republic. 

Nicholas Sepulveda '10 has received a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct study at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, Iceland. Inspired by his anthropology work at Juniata, he will be taking Old Norse language and history courses that supplement his Juniata graduate thesis on the history of whaling in medieval Iceland. Studying abroad at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland thanks to a St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia scholarship will certainly help Nick adapt and learn in Reykjavik.

Yoriko Tanaka '12 is employed at a consulting firm in Japan.

Michael Thompson '12 whose Program of Emphasis (POE) at Juniata was international politics and economics, is pursuing a graduate degree in Chinese studies at the University of Michigan, but not until after he explores Taiwan, thanks to a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship.

Jeremy Weber '05 won a Fulbright Award to do research in Peru. He earned his Ph.D. program in Applied and Agricultural Economics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2010.  He is now a research economist for the USDA.