Study abroad is an integral part of the International Studies program. You cannot truly understand another culture until you are immersed in its food, language and traditions. Moreover that perspective allows you to see your own culture and society in a completely different light. Your study abroad experience serves as an important context for your Senior Seminar in International Studies.

Where Have Our Students Gone?

  • Rebekah Bennett, 2012, France
  • Chris Ree', 2008, Germany
  • Kristin Robinson, 2007, Mexico and Germany
  • Jason Freeman, 2005, Russia
  • Ryan Richards, 2006, Mexico
  • Denise Bearer, 2006, The Gambia
  • Lyndsey Biddle, 2006, China and France
  • Jessica Hartjen, 2006, Germany
  • Alison Browning, 2005, France - "I studied abroad in Strasbourg, France as an International Studies and French major. It was incredible and one of the best things I did at Juniata College."
  • Samantha Hubbard, 2005, Spain - "My junior year in Sevilla provided me with hands on experience which brought to life the concepts I had been studying in my International Studies POE, as well as allowed me to develop a level of independence and maturity that can only be gained through studying abroad."
  • Stephanie Tyler, 2006, Mexico
  • Jeremy Weber, 2005, Ecuador
  • Brandi Martin, 2005, Mexico