What is the Global Village?global village logo

The Global Village is an opportunity for students to experience the world and make friendships across cultures while living on campus at Juniata. As a globally themed living and learning community, it brings together students interested in understanding other cultures and provides opportunities for these students to learn from one another as members of the same residential community.

Located on the second floor of Tussey Hall, the Global Village residents form connections through sharing not just a living space but critical college experiences together. In addition to its residential element, the Global Village fosters community-building experiences such as cultural dinners, celebrations for national and global holidays, and adventures traveling off campus together.   

The Global Village residents have access to a dedicated lounge space, dining area, kitchen, and outdoor patio, collectively known as the Global Commons. Students across campus gather at the Global Commons patio every semester to enjoy roasting smores over the firepit, listening to music, and attending cultural festivities. 

All are welcome to participate! There is no specific POE or language requirement to join our community. Simply bring an open mind and willingness to learn as well as a desire to share your own culture. This is great for students who want to develop intercultural communication skills, enhance their language learning, or just want to have a fun time living and learning about our diverse world. The Global Village is “Co-ed scattered” meaning both men and women can live together.

How to Apply

You can apply to live in the Global Village through Eagles Nook, the housing site found on the Arch. Once you are on the Arch, go to the "Student" tab and select "Eagles Nook." Log on using your Juniata credientials (username/password). Then select the application for the Global Village.

Students who are selected to live in the Global Village will not need to participate in room selection. 

Get an International Roommate

Are you a student who wants an international roommate but not as part of the Global Village?  Apply through Eagles Nook on the Arch.