Note: Courses are subject to change. Some courses may require students to supply their own instruments or pay an additional fee. Click here for the applied music course catalog, which lists specifics about our courses (prerequisites, etc).

Guitar Class I - IV - Students meet with the instructor in small groups for one hour per week. Note: students supply their own instrument.

Voice Class I - II - For students with no previous formal training in voice. Two fifty-five minute class sessions per week plus individual work with instructor as needed.

Musical Improvisation - This studio presents the basics of musical improvisation technique. Basic jazz music theory (scales, chords) and brief historical coverage of famed improvisers (Ella, Bird, Trane, Miles, et al.) will also be included. Extensive in-class student demonstrations of improvisation skills will be expected. Practice/goal oriented jam session time outside of class is expected - 3+ hours per week is recommended.

Juniata's Choral Union - Performs larger choral works to develop vocal ability, sight reading, diction skills, and musicianship. One major on-campus performance per semester.

Juniata's Concert Choir - Performs a variety of choral music chosen to develop vocal ability, sight-reading, multi-lingual diction skills, and musicianship. Performances include on-campus programs, an annual Spring Tour and yearly exchange concerts with other collegiate choirs. The Concert Choir undertakes an International tour every four years. Members selected through audition.

Wind Symphony, Concert Band


Percussion at Juniata

Senior Recital I - II - Individual instrumental or vocal lessons for students preparing a Senior Recital. Emphasis on regular public performance and repertory-polishing. Senior status and permission of instructor and/or Music Department Chairman required. The Senior Recital shall be presented at the end of the second semester of study and shall consist of 45-60 minutes of literature, performed by memory and demonstrating the highest level of technical and musical accomplishment of which the student is capable.

Note: Three credit hours of any MU course/studio on the same instrument, voice or ensemble fulfills a Distribution requirement. An additional three hours on the same instrument or voice used in the initial Distribution requirement fulfill a complete Distribution requirement. Regular practice outside of class is required. Each course concludes with a final playing/singing proficiency examination consisting of minimum skill requirements based on the studio level.