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Membership and audition "seating placement hearing " Information 

That strikethrough font above is on purpose! We don't have formal entrance auditions for our instrumental ensembles. This hearing may be performed during your senior year of high school (by prior arrangement), during summer orientation (by prior arrangement), or during your first week of membership in the ensemble. 

In your hearing, please plan to play:


We want to hear something technical that demonstrates your fluency and clarity/articulation through faster passages, and something lyrical and legato that showcases your tone quality, breath control and phrasing. You may play a solo piece, or we have a standard piece for you to download and learn (click on the links below to download a copy - and just play as far as you can. No minimum number of measures required). There will also be a short sight reading excerpt, a chromatic scale through the entire range of your instrument (as much as you know), and a couple major scales. New members perform this informal "hearing" only once, so that our staff has an idea of your strengths - to have a more informed basis on which to select music. Also, when it is time to invite players to participate in the wind section of our orchestra, submit names for Pennsylvania and national Intercollegiate Bands, etc…, we refer to our notes from that hearing. 


We rotate string seating early in the rehearsals so we can become familiar with your strengths and find compatible stand partners.  It helps us plan repertoire and rehearsal time to hear how well you prepare and how well you read. In your hearing please plan to play:

Your choice of major scale, 2 or 3 octaves, which demonstrates your technical ability (shifting, intonation, tone, etc.);
One page of a prepared piece, solo or orchestra music;
Sight reading.


See our "Percussion at Juniata" page for more information.