Develop a Deeper Understanding of Music

Note: Courses are subject to change. Some courses may require students to supply their own instruments. Click here for the applied music course catalog, with specific course information (prerequisites, etc).

Private study at Juniata helps the student to improve sound quality, intellectual understanding, technique, expression and creativity on their instrument. Through lessons and individual practice students may develop a deeper understanding of music. Opportunities to perform in student recitals exist each semester, including (by recommendation of faculty) the end-of semester Honors Recital. No previous experience necessary.

Currently, Juniata does not have an organ on campus and we do not offer organ studio.


  • Piano Studio - Cathy Scafidi
  • Voice Studio - Jan Mianulli
  • Guitar Studio - Stan Mullen
  • Jazz Improvisation Studio - Phil Loewen
  • Flute Studio - Dr. Cathy Herrera
  • Clarinet Studio - Janet Berlin
  • Oboe Studio - Barry Kroeker
  • Saxophone Studio - Phil Loewen
  • Bassoon Studio - Jody Butte
  • Horn Studio - Rebekah O'Brien
  • Trumpet Studio - Herb McKinstry
  • Percussion Studio - James Latten
  • Violin/Viola Studio - Julie Renne
  • Cello Studio - Evelyn Bookhammer
  • Bass Studio -Justin Dorsey
  • Organ - Not Offered
  • Composition/Songwriting/Arranging - Dr. Gabriel Gould

Note: Private lessons and applied music classes are available to all students. One-half hour lesson per week earn one credit and carry a $390.00 fee. Two half-hour lessons per week earn two credits and carry a $780.00 fee. (Guitar and Voice classes carry no fee.)