Women and Gender Studies Secondary Emphasis

Required core course:

  • PACS 305, Gender and Conflict - although PACS 305 has Introduction to PACS listed as a prerequisite, WGS students may be allowed to waive the prerequisite. This secondary emphasis must have the approval and signature of Celia Cook-Huffman.

    Select 5 (or more) courses from the following for a total of at least 15 credits:
  • AR 315, Women in Art
  • CM 340, Intercultural Communication
  • CM 330, Media Analysis
  • CM 400, Rhetoric of Coming Out
  • CM 405, Women, Work and Identity
  • ED 241, Women and Disabilities
  • EN 162, Women and Literature
  • EN 191A, Practicum: Unlock your Voice
  • FR 279, Sexuality and Literature
  • HS 322, Women in Medieval Life
  • HS 399, Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • HS 299, History of Sexuality
  • HS 399, Women in Modern Europe
  • RL 321, Women in the Bible
  • SO 204, American Families
  • SO 399, Wealth, Power and Society
  • SW 221, Life Cycle

Other courses, such as special topics courses, may also apply and may be chosen with the approval of the student’s advisors and a member of the Gender Studies Committee.