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Building Peace

Photos by Candice Hersh

The Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies at Juniata College welcomed a group of artists, academics and peace builders and professors from Maseno University, Kenya, to learn how to incorporate art into the peace building for conflict in Kenya.

The Baker Institute sponsors Juniata's Peace & Conflict Studies program, offering core PACS courses, facilitating the curriculum for PACS POEs, and serving as a hub for non-violent student activism, social justice engagement, and mentorship in the field of peace studies.


The Baker Institute’s mission is to apply the resources of the academic community to the study of warfare and deep-rooted conflict as human problems and to the study of peace as a human potential.

On campus, the Baker Institute supports a vibrant and engaged community of learners, and a curricular and co-curricular academic program that asks students and faculty to stretch and challenge themselves in relation to addressing war, peace, and justice. Externally, the Baker Institute fosters partnerships that facilitate the mutual growth and development of the field, both within the academy and among local, national, and international institutions.


  1. To provide the best possible undergraduate education in peace and conflict studies to students of Juniata College including emphasis on both practical and theoretical knowledge and on preparation for graduate education and useful careers.
  2. To provide continuing adult education and community outreach in conflict management and war/peace studies through seminars, conferences, public lectures and workshops.
  3. To provide leadership in the development of peace and conflict studies as an academic program through research, curriculum development, consultation and education.
  4. To initiate and support cooperation among existing programs and institutions that will strengthen peace and conflict studies in content and methodology, and will enhance its legitimacy and develop its constituency both in and out of the academic community.

Annual Report 2018-19

Click here to read The Baker Institute's summary of activities during the 2018-19 academic year.


The field of Peace & Conflict Studies

Adapted from “Strategic Peacebuilding Paths,” by John Paul Lederach and Katie Mansfield, available as a free download from the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Theater professional leads civic empathy training

Baker Institute Director collaborates on infrastructure for field of peacebuilding in the arts

Baker Institute considers establishing Center for Restorative Justice

African American gospel group show how music connects communities

Lakota musicians use song to combat racism

Black Lives Matter in residence through the Baker Institute

Author, survivor of Rwandan genocide speaks her truth

Student activism club hosts survivors’ open-mic

PACS student develops retreat for Rwandan genocide survivors

PACS student teams with alum, GAAW founder to address Burundi crisis

PACS alum works with immigrants, refugees at Arizona nonprofit

Dutch diplomat, peace/security expert served as spring ‘18 Scholar in Residence

PACS alum’s career starts with public service, local government

Liberian singers use music to ask troops to lay down weapons

Baker Institute hosts Kenyan peace scholar for 10-day residency

Social Justice Studies scholar talks movements, marches in Trump era

NYC educator author, organizer trains PACS students in nonviolence

Engage in social justice action through Juniata’s activism club, PAX-O

Take Nonviolence: Theory ↦ Practice in spring 2019

Ecuadorian artist, activist, youth worker speaks on decolonizing education

Theater professional leads civic empathy training

PACS alum works to create educational opportunities for Afghan girls

Baker Institute offers webinar on nonviolent action

PAX-O, men’s clubs dialogue on rape culture

Hawaiian geographer shares indigenous conflict resolution strategies

Take Intro to Conflict Resolution in spring 2019

Baker Institute sends students, faculty to Nobel Peace Prize Forum

PACS alum studying healthcare disparities as biomed student

South African economic scholar discusses post-apartheid Reconstruction

U.S. State Department official and PACS alum returns to talk violence prevention

2017 Nobel Laureate to speak on disarmament, radical dissent

Peace scholar hosts master class exploring Trump-Putin threat

Baker Institute supports student travel to 2018 Arms Control Association conference

Take Conflict Transformation in fall 2018

PACS alum does public policy advocacy work in Baltimore

PACS alum works as legal advocate for survivors