The department has four research laboratories located in Good Hall containing equipment designed to measure human behavior.

Evolutionary Psychology Lab

Dr. Widman focuses on how human evolutionary history may have shaped current human behavior. The lab utilizes SuperLab presentation software, GazePoint Eye-tracking hardware, and Biopac psychophysical measurement devices to assess many different current behaviors.

Language and Cognition Lab

Dr. Gilman focuses on how language, musical expertise, and working memory interact, using PEBL presentation software and several advanced statistical packages. The music perception project is a collaboration with a UK lab using Qualitrics to present sound stimuli as well as survey questions.

Political Judgment Research Lab

Dr. Dunwoody focuses on political judgment, specifically, how perceptions of threat and ideological beliefs influence politically oriented judgments. To achieve this, students use online survey construction software, including SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics, as well as advanced statistical packages to analyze the data.