Theatre Arts POE

The new Theatre Arts POE offers a holistic preparation for theatre artists in the larger context of Juniata’s liberal arts environment. The Juniata Theatre program is student-centered, with most of our season productions created in class by students under faculty guidance and produced on the main stage with professional designers. Stability and diversity characterize our program, which offers a gateway for careers in theatre but also embraces a lifelong love of theatre and its integration into a well-lived life.

Students experience broad-based immersion in technical theatre skills, acting, playwriting, directing, devised theatre making, and productions that focus on empowering the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a comprehensive theatre maker. Students are intellectually engaged in the history and theory attributed to the major innovations in theatre from around the world.

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Integrated Media Arts

An innovative interdisciplinary program that allows students to combine art, communication, information technology, media writing, and digital video production to graduate as multimedia specialists.

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Individualized POE

Juniata also offers students the opportunity to combine their academic interests into an Individualized POE. Some recent examples of Individualized POEs that include theatre are:

  • Theatre and International Politics
  • Performance and Pre-Med
  • Stage Management and Business Management
  • Integrated Media Arts and Art History