Degree At A Glance

  • Credits: 30-32
  • Tuition per Credit: $775
  • On Campus and Online Courses Available
  • Rolling admissions
  • Choose from two distinct tracks
  • Available as a 4+1 program

Use the links below to apply online at no cost, or to request further information.
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Use the links below to apply online at no cost, or to request further information.
Apply Online Request Information
There is an incredible need for properly prepared bioinformaticians, to address the current revolution in biology. The field of bioinformatics will be a constant necessity, as the amount of data keeps growing and the nature of it keeps changing. Faculty from the biology department and data science program who will teach classes include Gina Lamendella, Vince Buonaccorsi, Jill Keeney, Loren Rhodes, and Kim Roth.

A Distinct Experience

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Master of Bioinformatics (MBI) Curriculum

Core Courses MBI course # Credits
Bioinformatics Fundamentals BIN 500 4
Computer Science Fundamentals DS 510 4
Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology BIN 516 4
Statistics Fundamentals DS 520 3
Computational Elective Course MBI course # Credits
Database Systems DS 570 3
Multivariate Techniques DS 530 3
Data Mining DS 552 3
Big Data Techniques DS 575 3
Mathematics Fundamentals DS 516 3
Data Science Fundamentals DS 500 4
Neural Networks DS 585 3
Data Acquisition and Visualization DS 525 3
Biotechnology Electives Course MBI course # Credits
Genetics Analysis BIN 560 3
Advanced Research Methods BIN 580 4
Medical Microbiology (Lab) BIN 540 4
Immunology BIN 534 3
Environmental Genomics (Lab) BIN 600 4
Next Generation Sequencing Methods BIN 585 3
Capstone Course MBI course # Credits
Capstone Experience BIN 581 or DS 580 4

Degree requirements:

  • Core Courses (15 credits)
  • Electives (at least 11 credits): Students can choose a minimum 11 credits of elective classes.
    • Computational track students must take a minimum of three (3) courses from the Computational electives. 
    • Biotechnology track students must take at least three (3) courses, one (1) of which must be a laboratory-based course from the Biotechnology electives and at least one (1) course from the Computational electives category.
  • Capstone Experience (4 credits) A comprehensive project-based capstone experience, with a large focus on bioinformatics analysis of large datasets.
  • Total credits: 30-32 credits.

For more information, please contact:

Nicole Bopp
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions