Information for Fall 2020 Master's of Data Science Students

Data Science Grad Courses offered Fall 2020
All DS designated data science graduate courses share an optional, but highly recommended, one day bootcamp on the first Saturday of the semester. This Fall 2020 semester bootcamp will be held on Saturday, August 22, 2020. All data science courses run from Aug. 17, 2020 to Dec 4, 2020.
Data Science Fundamentals, DS 500 (4 credits), taught by Dr. Carolyn Cuff, Aug. 17, 2020 to Dec 4, 2020
A graduate level introduction to data science through a focus on the language R. Support tools and libraries such as Rstudio and the tidyverse will be emphasized.
DS 500 may be waived if the student has course work or significant prior experience with R.*
Computer Science Fundamentals, DS 510 (4 credits), taught by Dr. Jerry Kruse, Aug. 17, 2020 to Dec 4, 2020
The course overviews the basics of programming through the Python language with an emphasis on a popular DS library (currently Pandas). Basic data types, programming structures, data structures and algorithm complexity are addressed.
This course is a prerequisite for Database Systems (DS 570) planned for Spring 2021,
for Data Mining (DS 570) planned for Fall 2021,
and for Big Data Techniques (DS 525) planned for Spring 2021.
DS 510 may be waived if the student has course work in introductory programming and significant prior experience with Python.*
Mathematics Fundamentals, DS 516 (3 credits), taught by Dr. Kim Roth, Aug. 17, 2020 to Dec 4, 2020
Selected topics of discrete mathematics and linear algebra related to data science analysis techniques and algorithms.
This course is a prerequisite for Multivariate Techniques (DS 530) planned for Summer 2021.
DS 516 be waived if a student has successfully taken both discrete math and linear algebra.*
*For more information about possible waivers contact Dr. Roth or Dr. Rhodes.
Electives Offered Fall 2020
(no bootcamp is offered for electives from other departments)
Quantitative Analysis and Research Methods, MBA 511 (3 credits), Dr. Cem Konduk- Fall B, approximately Oct. 12th-Dec 4th
Will examine some of the principle analytical tools for decision-making in business and investigation in the social sciences.
Operations and Information Management, MBA 541 (3 credits), Dr. Randy Rosenberger, Fall A, August 17th-aproximately Oct. 12th
Operations and Information Management is designed to expose you to many of the widely accepted quantitative and qualitative methods for solving a wide range of business problems.
Advising questions?
Dr. Roth and Dr. Rhodes are available to meet with students to talk about course choices, course sequencing, and possible waivers.
Future offerings
Planned data science offerings for Spring 2021 are:
·      Statistics Fundamentals, DS 520
·      Database Systems, DS 570
·      Big Data Techniques DS 575
Planned data science offerings for Summer 2021 are:
·      Data Science Fundamentals, DS 500
·      Data Acquisition and Visualization, DS 525
·      Multivariate Techniques, DS 530
·      Capstone, DS 580