Founders Hall Is were QUEST is located and pictures here is a few students walking in front of the one side.


Part of Juniata’s strength is the flexible nature of the Program of Emphasis, a system wherein you make a wide range of choices along your educational journey. For that journey, QUEST will help you navigate your individual aspirations and challenges, to make the most of your opportunities at Juniata.

QUEST has tools to help you at any point along your journey. What kind of tools? First, people. QUEST includes professional staff who work primarily as coaches and advisers. In that role, they help you develop your strengths, improve your study skills or writing, think about possible careers or internship experiences, access accommodation services as needed, launch into your first year at Juniata, and more. QUEST is for your success and the people of QUEST are committed to you.

Second, QUEST connects you to resources across campus and throughout the Juniata network. Working with the Beeghly Library, the Writing Center, advisers, and others, QUEST staff can help you ask better questions and dig deeper. Don’t just go to the library—use the library. Don’t just ask for a Writing Center coach to review a paper—ask about strategies to be a stronger writer.