Enjoyable Dining Experiences

This guide was created to help you make the most informed decisions possible about your dining experience. You’re in control! Whatever you choose, rest assured that quality is at the core of everything we do. With an ever-present focus on craftsmanship, our daily offerings will always be made-from-scratch. You’ll enjoy fresh, consciously sourced food with a focus on seasonal items, a wide variety of delicious and healthy meals, build-your-own meal concepts, >and special options for every diet. We’re here to nourish, comfort, and excite through our food offerings every single day. We can’t wait to serve you!

Declining Cash Balance Dollars

The declining balance dollars (DCB dollars) allow purchases in Baker Refectory, Jitters, On the Go! Café, Beeghly Library 365 Market and Parkhurst Dining catering. Moneys from the DCB account may also be used by students to pay for any guests they bring to the dining hall. All declining cash balances (DCBs) associated with meal plans that are not used by the end of each academic year will be forfeited. Additional DCB Dollars may be purchased throughout the semester.

Both meal plans include DCB Dollars. These provide great value when used for a cup of coffee or a snack between classes. Any remaining DCB will transfer from Fall semester to Spring semester, but will not transfer from Spring semester to the following school year.

Meal Plan Options:

  Plan Type Annual Cost Notes
Blue All Accces to Baker Refectory + $150 DCB $3169 per semester Required for incoming students, sophomores and juniors; default plan for residential students
Gold Block of 185 Baker meals + $75 DCB or Block of 125 Baker meals + $300 DCB $2932 per semester Alternate option for seniors.
Apartments All Access to Baker Refectory, Monday - Friday + $100 DCB $2014 per semester Available to residents of campus apartments/houses with in-unit kitchens

Guest Prices:

Meal Period Price
Breakfast $6.95
Lunch $10.80
Dinner $13