Over and over, Juniata alumni repeat the phrases, “At Juniata I didn’t learn what to think, I learned how to think” and “Juniata prepared me to be successful in the workplace, not just in my area of study, but in any field.”

At Juniata we are committed to preparing students for a life of success.

We will ensure that by the time Juniata students complete their Juniata experience they will have had the opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of Career Paths
  • Develop an understanding of and become conversant in their personal skill sets
  • Benefit from hands on experience
  • Become proficient in job, internship and graduate school search and application tools.
Juniata College Assistant Director of Career Services Tammy Stuber

Tammy Stuber

Assistant Director of Career Development

Phone: 814-641-3350
Email: stubert@juniata.edu



Tammy Stuber, B.S.

Tammy Stuber presently serves as the Assistant Director of Career Development. Previously, she had served as the department's Administrative Coordinator, a position she held since December 2011, before being promoted to her current position in August 2013.

Tammy has a professional background in social work. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Longwood College. During her senior year, she interned with the Loudoun County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Service Unit as a Juvenile Probation Officer. Upon graduation, she was hired at the Court Service Unit as a result of her work in helping to write a grant to develop an electronic monitoring home incarceration program. Tammy has also worked for the American Cancer Society and the March of Dimes.

Tammy and her husband, Charles, have lived in Huntingdon since 1997. They have three children: Rachel, Ashley, and Brandon.