Core Faculty

  • Professor Jack Barlow (Politics) (Program Director)
  • Associate Professor Xinli Wang (Philosophy)
  • Assistant Professor Bradley Andrew (Economics)

Associated Faculty:

  • Professor James Lakso (Economics)
  • Professor Janet Lewis (Philosophy)
  • Associate Professor Emil Nagengast (Politics)
  • Assistant Professor Dennis Plane (Politics)

Background Information:

A liberal arts education aims to provide students with the tools to understand the world as it has been and as it will be. Juniata 's program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics combines the perspectives of three core liberal arts disciplines that offer powerful tools for understanding. By working across traditional disciplinary boundaries, students are encouraged to question their own assumptions, to become independent in their quest for knowledge, and to form the pattern for a lifetime of learning. The program aims to enable students to be thoughtful citizens of the 21st century world, and to prepare them for careers in business, government, or education. Students take a core group of courses in each department, develop a concentration in one area, and participate in two interdisciplinary seminars.

Special programs, facilities, or equipment:

  • Study abroad at: Masaryk University , Brno , Czech Republic
  • Catholic University of Lille , France
  • BCA Strasbourg , France
  • University of Leeds , UK

Programs of Emphasis:

  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Internship/Research Experiences:

  • Internships through Educational Programs Abroad, London , England
  • Economic Development Internships through JCEL
  • Washington Semester Program


PPE-200   Sophomore Seminar (Either Semester; Yearly; 1.00 Credit; H,S) An introduction to the PPE program emphasizing the complimentary character of the three component fields. Students will read and discuss one or more works that invite consideration from the perspectives of each of the three disciplines. Faculty members from each department will contribute to the course. Prerequsites: Take 2 courses from PL115 or PL106 or PS101 or EB105.

PPE-450   Senior Seminar (Spring; Yearly; 3.00 Credits; H,S) Designed as a capstone experience for seniors with a Program of Emphasis in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. In consultation with the instructor, students will select research areas that reflect their interests as well as skills and knowledge acquired in their undergraduate careers in the course of their research, students will practice, and further refine, their literature research, critical thinking, and writing skills Prerequisites: Senior standing with a POE in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.