Students at Juniata make a difference in their community with the support of many mutually beneficial programs that directly serve others while also giving students leadership and service experiences.

Rural Outreach and Reading Clinic (R.O.A.R): 

The R.O.A.R Clinic is a resource for families with children grades K-5 who have been identified as at-risk or struggling readers, such as children who may have language-based learning disabilities. Students with an Education POE may serve as pre-service teachers at R.O.A.R through taking the Reading Difficulties and Reading Difficulties Lab classes. Students will learn evidence based practices to assess and meet learner’s language-based academic needs with intervention stretegies. Students will work closely with in-service teacher mentors and parents, and will complete a formal case report.

ACHIEVE Program: Advancing Community Health Innovation through Education Vision and Empowerment

A lack of health literacy, or an individual’s ability to obtain and understand basic health information, often influences the health and well-being of the community. With problems including access to healthcare, chronic conditions, and behavioral health and substance abuse issues influencing the health of Huntingdon County, Juniata College, Huntingdon Area High School, and other community organizations have partnered to implement a health literacy program inspired by research about the relationship between health literacy and health outcomes.The ACHIEVE program will educate high school youth to live healthy lives and access resources in the community. Program participants will receive a health literacy education through modules and will have the opportunity to address problem in the community associated with a social determinant of health through community health innovation projects. The ACHIEVE program is fully funded and supported by Juniata College and Penn Highlands Huntingdon.

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Language In Motion:

Students can participate in the Language In Motion (LIM) program as volunteers or for credit. Language In Motion brings international language and culture into classrooms k-12. Juniata students who are international students, study abroad returnees, heritage speakers, or upper level language students create presentations and activities to bring to students. Language In Motion regularly hosts student presenters with backgrounds in a variety of global languages, such as Arabic, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Dari, Australian & British English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, and many more.

PALs: Preparing All Learners for Success

PALS is an after school tutoring program organized by Juniata College, where K-12 learners in the Huntingdon School District may recieve homework or reading help and mentoring from Juniata students. Tutoring may be offered on the school campus, on Zoom, or at the Huntingdon Community Center, and tutors will provide progress reports to teachers and parents. Additionally, Juniata students can receive federal work study payments for working tutor positions.

All-In Democracy Challenge

 The All-In Democracy Challenge is a non-partisan national organization that awards campuses for their commitment to citizenship and democratic participation. On our campus, All-In participation encourages students to vote, watch debates, and be aware of our political past and present.