Want to get involved? There are a variety of clubs at Juniata that can help you serve and advocate for others.

Find a group that reflects your passion at Lobsterfest, a picnic held the first weekend of every academic year where you can peruse club offerings and find your fit. The clubs spotlighted here reflect the pathways to civic and community engagement, through direct service to the community, through philanthropy, and through community organizing and activism. See a full list of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) here or learn more about the Stanford Pathways.

American Association of University Women (AAUW):

AAUW club is a national organization advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research with the AAUW Huntingdon branch on issues relevant to women.

Bee Team:

Club members spend time learning about the process of keeping and maintaining a beehive to educate people on the important role of bees in our society.

Big Brothers Big Sisters:

Big Brothers Big Sisters club aims to provide a structured foundation of friendship and guidance for the youth of Huntingdon through one-on-one interaction.

Campus Girl Scouts:

Campus Girl Scouts is a service and volunteer club for Juniata students to support Girl Scout troops in the Huntingdon area to encourage confidence and character in them.

Caring for Kids with Cancer (CFKC):

CFKC is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to help children with cancer and their families through various events and fundraisers. All funds go to supporting children with cancer.


EcoHouse is a coed community living space that is focused on living sustainably. They focus on projects centered around cleaning different areas of Huntingdon.

Juniata Activities Board (JAB):

JAB members plan Juniata’s major events from traditions like Mountain Day, Lobsterfest and Madrigal. Each year, they also work to bring in a wide range of entertainment such as musicians and poets so that students are able to relax and unwind in a fun and interactive atmosphere.

Juniata Climate Advocacy:

The Climate advocacy club aims to create global solutions to the climate crisis by making urgent action across every level of society.

Juniata Environmental Coalition (JEC):

The JEC is dedicated to making Juniata a more sustainable and environmentally aware community through community events and education on campus.

Pet and Animal Welfare Society (PAWS):

PAWS spends time volunteering at nearby rescues and shelters. They raise funds for and provide education regarding animal welfare at the national, state, and local levels to improve animal welfare.

Peace Studies Club:

PAXO is a social justice club that aims to promote peace and social justice through awareness campaigns, campus discussions, events, and participation in both local and global social justice movements and organizations.


Plexus is a Multicultural and Social Activism club dedicated to promoting, understanding, and acceptance of multiculturalism at Juniata College.


PRISM serves as a social and activist student club for individuals who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA community. They work to make Juniata an even more open and safe community.

Psychology Club:

Psychology Club conducts fundraisers for mental health charities and hosts student-faculty social events. Students can be recognized for outstanding work in psychology by joining Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology.

Students Advocating For Universal Respect (SAUR):

SAUR is a cohort leadership group on campus that advocates for underrepresented students on campus.

Student Government:

Student Government serves as the governing body which presides over all student led activities, as well as the main line of communication between students and administration.

Women in Physics:

The Women in Physics club seeks to provide a voice in STEM for women and other underrepresented minorities through outreach, mentoring, and networking.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO):

LASO is a cultural organization that attempts to inform and educate people about Latino culture. Their goal for people to embrace the diversity of Latino heritage and culture.

Juniata College Amnesty International:

Amnesty works to promote human rights through events geared towards educating the Juniata community. They focus on engaging people around us to take action to fight injustice around the world.