How can I see my billing statements?

Students: You can view your semester bills online by clicking on the "View Your Statements" link at the top of this page, by adding the "Student Bill Information" channel to the Arch.
Parents: Have your student give you access through CashNet.. (see: - Your bill is going paperless-click on "Find out more")

Can I find out how much I owe right now?

You can calculate your current bill online by clicking on the "View Your Statements" link at the top of this page, by adding the "Student Bill Information" channel to the Arch, or by having your student give you access through CashNet. Then click on "Calculate Your Current Bill."

Where is my insurance waiver?

The insurance waiver is located online only, and can only be processed online at: The Fall Waiver must be received no later than 08/31/24. Any waivers received after that date will not be processed. (the nine digit ID# required is the student's Juniata ID# with zeros in the front of their ID#).

I sent my payment with my initial bill - Why do I still owe a balance?

There may be a number of reasons why you still have a balance. Some examples include:

  • Lenders Fees - Many loans have fees associated with them. These fees cannot be applied to your balance. Typically these fees are deducted before disbursement is sent to Juniata, therefore, the total amount received by us is less than the total amount of the loan that you received. Please check your loan application for the percentage charged
  • Course Fees - Course fees are generated after drop/add and do not show up on your initial bill. More information about registration and billing
  • Changes to Housing or Meal Plans - Changes to either of these options are applied after Drop/Add. More information about housing and meal plans
  • Scholarship/Loans have not been received by Juniata - If these have not been received by the end of Drop/Add there may be a problem with your application and you should contact the Office of Student Financial Planning at or 1-877-JUNIATA.
  • If you intended to waive the Medical/Accident Insurance, and have not returned your waiver, the amount will still be showing on your bill. (see #8).

There is no Financial Aid showing on my bill - What do I do?

Please contact Financial Planning at or 1-877-JUNIATA.

Will I owe the same amount in the Spring?

Tuition, Room and Board will remain the same unless you make changes to your housing or meal plans. The only differences between your Fall and Spring Bill will be:

  • Insurance charge - If you choose the Insurance, your charge will appear on the Fall Bill and not the Spring Bill. (Unless you are a new or transferred student)
  • Course Overload and Special Course Fees

My financial aid hasn't been finalized - Do I need to send payment anyway?

If you believe your aid will be finalized prior to the Due Date you should wait for information from the Office of Student Financial Planning


If you are uncertain about both the aid that will be awarded and whether the award letter will arrive prior to the Due Date you should estimate the amount of aid you will receive and complete your billing arrangements before the Due Date, to avoid late fees.





Can I make a partial payment?

No - payment is due in full by August 9, 2024 (Spring 1/6/25); or a 1.5% late fee will be applied to your bill and you may not be able to occupy your housing, participate in the meal plan, attend classes, participate in NCAA events, and be denied participation in any Eagles Abroad program.

Can I pay over the phone, online or with a credit card?

Yes-Juniata accepts payment by e-check/ACH, credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club), cash or wire. To pay by e-check/ACH, or credit card, you (the student) can gain access either through the ARCH or have the student grant you access to the online payment web site. There is a 2.95% fee for using a credit card, however an e-check/ACH transaction is free. Checks can be mailed to: Juniata College-Bursars Office-1700 Moore Street-Huntingdon, PA 16652, and payments by cash or check can be made directly in the Bursars Office located in Founders. Log onto the ARCH. Payments are not accepted over the phone.

Can I wire payment to Juniata?

Yes. Please contact the Bursars Office at or 814-641-3188.

Where should I send my payment?

Mail payments due to Juniata College at:
Juniata College
Bursars Office
1700 Moore Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652

Or, just stop in our office in I. Harvey Brumbaugh Bldg., Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Or pay online through CASHNet: 

Monthly payments to CASHNet should be sent directly to them.

What do I do about paying my bill if I am receiving external help and don't know when they will be paying?

You will need to provide the necessary documentation from the external source which shows guarantee of the expected payment.

What should I do if I'm using TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) funds?

Have funds designated to be paid directly to Juniata College, and note on the back of the remittance section of the statement under "Comments" that TAP funds will be used.

Payment Plan Information

Payment plans are serviced through CASHNet. The payment plan runs from May to October for the fall term and November through April for the spring term. [six equal monthly installments per term]

Parents must be an "authorized user" in order to enroll in a Payment Plan. Students can "authorize a user" under the billing tab, found on the ARCH.





Why does the bill go to my son or daughter?

Federal law requires that the person receiving services be billed for the services. We do not have the option to bill parents or guardians.

What are these special course fees on my Statement of Account?

Special Course Fees are additional lab fees or trip fees associated with some courses. For further information please contact the Registrar's Office at 814-641-3165. More information about registration and billing.

What do I do about paying my bill if my registration is going to change?

A final bill will be compiled after the drop/add period. Any additional charges will be added at that time. Any changes made on the remittance form are considered payable on the original due date (e.g. adding a meal plan). Do not wait until a final bill, or late charges may be added. (online statements are available live 24/7 which instantly reflect changes).





How are credit balances processed?

CASHnet Customers: If you have signed up for payment plan, refunds will not be issued until mid April. Your balance with CASHnet will need to be adjusted to reflect this credit balance. You can contact the Bursars Office to make this adjustment.

If you wish to retain the credit balance for the spring semester, please put in writing (back of remittance section) the request.
All other credit refunds will be processed approximately 3 weeks after the semester begins. Enrollment in Electronic Refund is encouraged. There are no exceptions.




Room & Board / Other Charges

How does moving on or off campus affect my bill?

Financial aid resources usually do not change if you are living in an off-campus residence. However, if you decide to commute from your parents' home, your financial aid may be reduced. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Planning to have your file reviewed for potential changes.

How can I add DCB funds to my Gold Card for Additional DCB's?

Money can be added to your Gold Card for Additional Meal Plan flex funds/DCB's. This money is kept separate, and is in addition to any flex funds/DCB's already included with a selected Meal Plan. Money may be added to your Gold Card by check, cash, credit card, e-check/ACH and also by charging your Student Account. (Payments currently made through the online system will be posted to your account within 15 minutes). If you are depositing funds to your Gold Card via cash or check or charging your Student Account, you should include your ID# and that you would like the additional money deposited. A form for adding additional monies can be found on the Accounting FAQ page, or by stopping by the Accounting Services/Bursars Office. DCB form.

General Information about Flex Funds

The funds added directly to your Gold Card (not the ones included with a selected Meal Plan) carry forward semester to semester, year to year. The flex funds/DCB's included with a selected Meal Plan roll over ONLY within the Academic year. The flex funds/DCB's included with a selected meal plan are used first and then the Additional Meal Plan flex funds/DCB purchased separately are used. 
At the end of your enrollment at Juniata, all remaining flex funds will be refunded.





What happens if I don't complete my online insurance waiver?

If you have not waived your insurance waiver online, there is no opportunity to refund the insurance payment.