Community Outreach Ceramics

June 13 - August 15, 2024

Thursdays 7 - 9 p.m.

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B.J. Watson, Instructor 

I encourage everyone to spend time in the studio outside of class, because the more time you spend practicing the more you will improve. Practice makes improvement! Feel free to utilize the studio and provided materials when class isn’t in session, as well as in the evenings, and on the weekends. I highly recommend that all students keep their nails cut short for the duration of the class. Long nails gouge into clay, making it harder to throw and often accidentally leave half moon gouges on leather hard wares. All jewelry should be removed from hands and wrists, long dangling necklaces should also be removed, long hair should be tied back.


The scheduled events are liable to change based on the ever changing studio environment and the needs of the students within.

  • June 13 - Welcome to the Studio! Bowl Demo
  • June 20 - Trimming and Cup Demo
  • June 27 - Handle demo and slips and underglazes
  • July 4 - Independence day! Ya’ll can go to BBQs and enjoy general shenanigans. No class today
  • July 11 - Work day!
  • July 18 - Raku firing
  • July 25 - Decals
  • August 1 - Glaze Lesson
  • August 8 - Work Day!
  • August 15 - Last day of class, glazing only.

Students should consider Thurs 8/8 their last day for throwing, Sat 8/10 their last day for trimming/handle application/leather hard surface design. All Greenware needs to be greenware shelf by noon on Sun 8/11 so we can have everything bisqued for class on 8/15. We will most likely be loading the reduction on Sat 8/17 and firing on Sun 8/18. The kiln should be unloaded on Wed evening 8/21.

Please have your shelves cleaned off on Monday 8/19. The Juniata students start back up on Thurs 8/22.