Athena D. Turner-Frederick

Registrar and mother of 2 Juniata Students

"Twenty-two years ago, I was the first to graduate in my family from college and throughout my career I have found there have been many firsts for people of color - which is still hard to believe, exist in the 21st century. At Juniata, I have the honor of being the first African-American administrator, my daughter the first African-American girls’ volleyball player… and our family the first African-American family to live in our neighborhood. …as a student, you will be excellently taught and prepared to be fully engaged as a part of this ‘uncommon’ mission”

Dan Cook-Huffman

Assistant Dean of Students

"Juniata is a place where initiative and persistence pays off. The administration is very open to trying new things and moving the campus in new and better directions. If any student, faculty, or staff wants to get involved and wants to help bring forth good ideas, Juniata is open to find ways to implement those ideas into specific action steps…the opportunities are here and the administrative philosophy and support [makes] anything is possible - with persistence and patience."