Juniata recognizes the ethical responsibility for humane care of animals.  Persons who use animals in teaching or research must assume responsibility for general animal welfare and conform to applicable regulations and policies. All animal accommodation facilities and programs shall be operated in accordance with applicable regulations.

The responsibilities of persons engaged in the use of live vertebrate animals include:

  • Be familiar with pertinent rules and regulations;
  • Submit a protocol for review and approval by the IACUC before proceeding with the acquisition, transportation, housing, or use of any vertebrate animals;
  • Carry out projects using minimal numbers of animals, minimizing pain and distress to animals;
  • Maintain appropriate records; and
  • Provide appropriate training to students, staff, and others involved with animal care and/or use. Such training shall include: 1) proper handling and care procedures for animal species used by the facility, 2) precautions necessary to protect the animal handlers from known risks or disease, and 3) reporting methods for deficiencies in animal care or treatment.