Juniata’s Respiratory Protection Program describes the procedures for use of respiratory protection by College employees.  The program has been prepared in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard 29 CFR 1910.134.  American National Standards Institute Z88.2 standard on respiratory practice provides additional guidance.


Director of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for administering and overseeing the respiratory protection program, including updating the program and evaluating its effectiveness. 

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees requiring respiratory protection receive appropriate training and follow the appropriate guidelines. 

Employees will follow appropriate guidelines for the proper use and care of respirators, medical evaluation, annual training and fit testing procedures.

Medical Surveillance

Applicable employees shall annually complete a respirator medical evaluation questionnaire which will be reviewed by Juniata’s occupational health care provider.  Employees shall also complete medical evaluations as required per the occupational health care provider.

Fit Test

All employees requiring respiratory protection shall take part in a fit test program annually.  Re-fitting is required for changes in respirator equipment or facial structure.


Respiratory protection training is provided annually. 

Instruction is given in:

  • the nature of the hazard(s)
  • additional (engineering) control systems in place
  • respirator capabilities and limitations
  • procedures for inspecting and using the respirator
  • self-tests / seal checks
  • proper cleaning and care of respirators
  • appropriate actions to take if problems are encountered

Selection and Use of Respirators

Respirators shall be selected based on the respiratory hazard(s) to which the employee may be exposed.  Respirators must be kept clean to be effective and should be stored in closed containers.  Cartridge limits for air-purifying respirators shall be determined based on the manufacturer’s guidelines; for many cartridges usage should not exceed 8 hours.