Aquatic Ecology   (Fall - Even Years)

Next Offered Fall 2024, 2026

Course offerings are tentative and subject to change

BI-380 Biology Research Methods

Offered in multiple sections by faculty members in the Biology department for students interested in learning to conduct meaningful and responsible research. Students enroll in a section aligned with their research interest to generate novel data, while mastering the important components of research common to each of the diverse areas of Biology.

4 CreditsN, CW, CTGESPrerequisites: BI105 and BI122 and sophomore, junior, senior standing and permission of the instructor.

CONN-202 Science and Society

This course on Science and Society is intended to review historical issues in science and the debate that surrounds societal decision-making. Thus, students will examine this topic from the perspective of scientific process and social inquiry. In addition, we will also review current " hot topics " in science, research these topics from various aspects including societal impacts and scientific advancements. They will also discuss potential resolutions, moving toward becoming more scientifically literate. We will also be discussing current " popular " books on related science. Ultimately, we will compare what the scientists are saying in professional journals versus the interpretation presented to the general public. NOTE: Students are expected to be in their third or fourth year when taking a Connections course.

3 CreditsCONN,CA,CW

ESS-199 Outdoor Skills and Sustainable Living

Course Description

3 Credits Prerequisites

ESS-328 Limnology

An ecology/environmental science course covering inland aquatic environments (lakes and streams). A balanced study of both physical-chemical and biological aspects, it is an appropriate upper level addition to a variety of POE's in natural sciences.

4 CreditsNTake BI105 and BI121 and ESS100 or permission of the instructor.


Total Credits: 15



 Restoration Ecology  (Spring Odd Years)

   Next Offered Spring  2025 ,2027

Course # Title Faculty Division Skills Credits
ESS 399 ST RFS ST: Watershed Restoration Merovich, G     4.00
ESS 352  RFS Restoration Ecology Drus, G (SFU)     4.00
ESS 399 RFS02  Invasive species Management Muth, N     4.00
AR 199 RFS Nature Photography Nale    WK Creative Expression 3.00
 ESS 297 RFS  Fire Ecology and Management  Bomgardner, C      2.00
Total Credits         17.00

 Forest Conservation  (Fall Odd Years)

   Next Offered Fall  2023, 2025

Course #  Title Faculty Division Skills Credits
ESS 325 RFS Conservation Biology Ramakrishnan, U     3.00
AR 199 RFS Nature Photography Nale, M    WK Creative Expression


ESS 399 RFS Drone Applications Johnson, D     4.00
ESS 340 RFS Forestry Yohn, C & Bomgardner, C.     3.00
ESS 297 RFS  Fire Ecology and Management Bomgardner, C.     2.00
Total Credits         15.00

 Wildlife Theme (Spring Even Years)

  Next Offered Spring 2024, 2026

Course # Title Faculty Division Skills Credits
BI 325 RFS Winter Dendrology Muth, N    


ESS 224 RFS Wildlife Management Ramakrishnan, U     3.00
ESS 225 RFS Wildlife Management  Techniques Russel, T     2.00
ESS-330-RFS Geo. Info systems D. Johnson     4.00
AR-203  Digital Photography Holmes, A   WK - Creative Expression 3.00
Total Credits         16.00