Kronos Troubleshooting and FAQ


Problem: I can't sign onto Kronos.
Solution: You may not be hired. If you are a staff employee, contact HR to see if they have processed your paperwork yet. Paperwork must be processed the day before you are hired. If you are a student, confirm that your supervisor has approved and submitted your Online Authorization. Data is only imported into Kronos every evening, so if the authorization was not submitted before 2 pm the day prior to beginning work you may not have access until the following day.

Problem: I'm on the Kronos sign in screen and it says Please wait... Loading Java and it won't go away.
Solution: Make sure you are using Internet Explorer. 
Solution: If you are using a college-owned computer, call the help desk and ask them to load the proper Java. Kronos is trying to download the software for you, which is why the message Please wait... Loading Java won't go away, but you do not have the proper access privileges to allow Kronos to load it for you.  For your own computer, try going to the Payroll web page and clicking the link for "Java Patch for Internet Explorer".  This will load Java 5 Version 12 onto your computer, a Java version appropriate for Kronos.  It is okay to have Java 6 loaded on your computer also, but you must have Java 1.4.2 or Java 5 in order to run Kronos. Kronos is trying to download the software for you, which is why it won't go away, but you do not have the proper access privileges to allow Kronos to load it for you.

Problem: I'm in Kronos and I double click on an employees name and it gives me a grey screen with an error or won't load the timecard.
Solution: You have a new version of Java that is not completely compatible with Kronos. Call the help desk and ask them to load the proper Java for your computer.

Problem: I keep getting annoying popups about needing a different version of Java, or about my version of Java 5 being obsolete.
Solution:  You probably have Java 6 loaded onto your computer as well as Java 5, which makes it more finicky about Java security.  You can click through all the popups and Kronos will eventually open properly.  To get rid of the popups, upgrade your Java 5 to JRE 5.0 Version 12 by clicking on the Download option in the popup about obsolete versions, or go to the Payroll web page and click the link for "Java Patch for Internet Explorer".

Problem: Error - Can't connect OR Can't get info from the server.
Solution: Try to refresh your screen. If that doesn't work log off Kronos and back on. This is typically caused by the system timing out.

Problem: I have multiple jobs and when I clock out it doesn't seem to be clocking out properly. I have purple time punches.
Solution: You are probably performing a Transfer on both your In and Out punches. Only transfer on your In punch and you will not have this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I see my employees in Kronos.
A: Employees that work multiple positions on campus will not show on the supervisor's reconcile timecard list until they have actually have actually worked at least 15 minutes for non-primary positions. The primary position will always be the first position the student was set up with. This resets each month. If a student has worked for you in a previous month, you may use Range of Dates under Time period to review them and edit their timecard.
A: The employee isn't hired yet. Make sure their paperwork has been processed.

Q: Why can't I edit my own timecard?
A: Time stamp employees can not edit their timecards. Any edits to be made to a timecard must be done by a supervisor.
A: You're a supervisor and you are trying to access your personal timecard under the Reconcile Timecard screen. If you complete timesheets you will need to access your timecard though the My Timecard screen.
A: Your supervisor has already approved your timecard. You will need to ask them to Remove Approval so that you can edit your timecard or have them make the edit for you (This can be verified by looking under the Sign Off and Approvals tab).

Leave Related Questions:

Q: Why did the leave I entered disappear?
A: You need to enter an amount in the column next to the pay code.
A: Check your accruals, if you don't have time available contact the Benefits Coordinator.

Q: The leave amount I entered and saved does not appear to be reflected in the accruals. Why?
A: Click on the day you entered the leave or look at the projected total. The balances shown always reflect the balance on the actual day you are on. Projected totals include any time that has been taken on a future date.