Our programs distinguish Juniata from other liberal arts colleges.

Bailey Oratorical

Juniata's highly competitive and much anticipated speech competition, The Bailey Oratorical, attracts the attention of the community on campus and beyond.

Juniata Choir

The Juniata Choir tours the United States and the world, performing for venues packed with people who may know of the College solely due to the renown created by generations of vocalists who have been a part of that extended family.

Peace Chapel

The Baker Institute for Peace has extended the philosophy and impact of the Brethren pacifist tradition to countries on five continents.

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The three programs above help shape Juniata's character and are supported at least in part by endowed funding. But many others that can and should be--our award-winning effort to help acclimate new students, the InBound Program, our Center for International Education, our burgeoning internship program, to name but three--have yet to be supported by endowments.

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