Our student support must provide more than access through scholarships. Student support must match the vision and values we have, to ensure each student can take full advantage of the network of opportunities Juniata provides.

Give a Gift to Juniata College

The great majority of students who attend Juniata do so with some financial assistance from the College, and we have a fundamental belief in providing access and support to anyone with the talent and drive to prosper here, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • As colleges and universities find themselves increasingly under pressure to keep high quality education affordable for students and their families, those with flexibility, distinction, and resources will excel.
  • Growth in endowed scholarships means Juniata will make it possible for students to benefit from a life-changing education and to go on and change the world.
  • Juniata expects all full-time students who are admitted to be able to graduate in four years or less. In fact, at recent graduations, 92-96% of the graduates had completed their degrees in four years or less. This has been possible thanks to our students' motivation and focus, but also because of endowed scholarships that help make Juniata more affordable.

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