Prepare for Success

  1. Pick a date, time, and location for your event (Consider a back-up date and/or weather location as well).

  2. Complete the Event Request Form.  Please be as detailed as possible.  SECA will follow up with you once we receive the application.  Some events may require a meeting with a staff member.  Please consider the following when meeting with SECA:
    1. Will you need any tables or chairs?
    2. Do you have any sound/technology needs such as microphones, projectors, etc.?
    3. Will you need food for this event?  Please remember that all food/beverages for campus events must be ordered through Parkhurst due to the first right of refusal and Pepsi contract.
    4. Will you be conducting any fundraisers?  If so, please make sure that you complete the Event Request Form.
    5. Are you looking to sell tickets for this event at the info desk or in Ellis Hall lobby? When you meet with the SECA, they can discuss these options in great detail with you.
    6. Are you looking to have your event be a BYOB?  If so, please make sure that you mark that on the Event Request Form and meet with the Assistant Director for final approval.
    7. Will you be having outside artists, vendors, etc. at this event? If so, the Office of the Student Engagement & Campus Activities will review with you in detail the items that are needed to have a college contract submitted to these persons as well as the necessary insurance requirements.

  3. Once your event and forms have been approved, ADVERTISE!!!


  • Posters can be printed through the Print Shop, submit a work order at least 2 days before you need the posters. You can submit a work order through the print shop. (If you don’t submit the posters through the print shop and print as a student your student account WILL be charged.)
  • Posters can be made in the SECA Art Room. Please be sure not to waste supplies and to clean up the area before you leave.


  • Submit your event in the Daily Announcements. 
  • E-mail your club members
  • Make a facebook event/group
  • Post information on Twitter and use a special hashtag
  • Use Instagram.

A week before your event:

  • Will you need cash at your event?
    • If yes, Please fill out a Cash Advance Voucher and submit it to the Bursar’s Counter located in Ellis Hall.
  • Will you be purchasing items for your event?
    • Make sure you mention the purchase is tax-exempt. If you are making your purchase with a P-card, the tax exempt number can be found at the top of the card. If you are making the purchase with cash you must provide a tax exempt form which can be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Engagement and Campus Activities or Betty McKim in the Accounting Office in I. Harvey Brumbaugh.
    • Be sure to charge the purchases to your P-card or make purchases with personal cash or a cash advance. To get reimbursed fill out a Cash Reimbursement Form and submit to the Bursar's Counter in Ellis Hall.
    • *Make sure to save your receipts for any purchases you make.*

After your event:

  • Do you have any P-card receipts?
    • If yes, make sure your receipts make it to the Office of Student Engagement & Campus Activities by the given P-card cycle deadline.
  • Did you get a cash advance?
    • If yes, make sure you get the money back to the Bursar’s Counter and you fill out a Cash Advance Clear form and submit to the Bursar's Counter in Ellis Hall.
  • Did you receive any money that you need to deposit into your club account?
    • If yes, take the money and a Deposit Form and submit to the Bursar's Counter in Ellis Hall.
  • Do you need to reimburse someone?
    • If yes, and the reimbursement is under $100, take the receipts and a Cash Reimbursement Form to the Bursar’s Counter in Ellis Hall.
    • If Yes, and the reimbursement is over $100, take the receipts and an Accounts Payable Voucher to Erika Slocum in the Accounting Office in I. Harvey Brumbaugh.