Can students borrow materials from other libraries through interlibrary loan?

Yes - Our interlibrary loan service is only available to current Juniata students, faculty, and staff with library accounts in good standing.

Is there a fee for the interlibrary loan service?

No - The interlibrary loan service is free to those listed above. As a courtesy to the system and others, we ask that you only request items that you really need.

Can I borrow a video, DVD, or reels of microfilm through interlibrary loan?

Our library consortia doe not share videos or DVDs, so you cannot borrow them. The sharing of microfilm is rare and will be considered on a case by case basis.

How long can I borrow the interlibrary loaned materials?

Each lending library has different lending periods, so please look at the date on the slip attached to the interlibrary loaned book. Articles received via interlibrary loan are yours to keep (unless otherwise stated.)

Do I need to know which library owns my request?

No - Our system will automatically route the request to libraries owning the material.

How long will it take to get my requested item through interlibrary loan?

You should allow 2 - 3 weeks for interlibrary loans to arrive. Some may come sooner -- it depends on the lending library. Books generally come quicker because the articles need to be photocopied. But don't procrastinate with your requests!!

I noticed that I will be travelling near the library that owns my borrowed item -- can I just drop it off?

No - It needs to be sent back via our interlibrary loan department so that your record is kept current.

Will I get a renewal notice from the library when my interlibrary loan items are due?

No - It is your responsibility to return the items or to ask for a renewal before they are due.

I am not quite finished with my interlibrary loan item -- can I keep it longer or renew it?

It depends on the lending library's policy. Let our interlibrary loan department know a week before your item is due that you would like to renew. If it can't be renewed through the original lending library, we can try to get another copy from another library.