Tampering with fire equipment or intentionally causing a false alarm is a misdemeanor under state law. Deliberately causing a fire is a felony. Students found tampering with fire equipment, intentionally causing a false alarm, or deliberately causing a fire will be subject to severe disciplinary actions and arrest. For fire safety reasons, the following are expressly prohibited in residence halls: Cut christmas trees, candles or any open flame (including incense), potpourri, propane tanks, fireworks, flame based stoves, hookah's , smoke/fog machines and hot plates. The storage or use of flammable liquids, such as gasoline, kerosene, etc., is strictly prohibited. No bicycles are permitted in corridors, stairwells, or entryways.

All resident halls have monitored fire alarm systems. The housing complex 2111 is also equipped with a sprinkler system. Vigilant Security Inc.  monitors the residence halls, and other fire alarm systems on campus.

In case of fire or fire alarm: Students are expected to leave their residence halls when an alarm sounds. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. All residents are expected to participate in fire drill evacuations.

Sound the building fire alarm system. Notify a residence hall staff member or Safety and Security (ext. 3636 or 911-1) In case of smoke, carry a towel to cover your nose and mouth to minimize the danger of asphyxiation. Evacuate the building immediately per instruction given by the Residential Life Staff or Security Staff. Go to the nearest exit ,assemble outside the residence hall at least 200 feet from the building to allow emergency vehicle access. DO NOT RETURN to the residence hall until an "all clear" signal is given.