The purchase, possession, consumption, and/or transportation of alcoholic beverages by those under the age of 21 are prohibited.

Furnishing alcoholic beverages to those who are under the age of 21 is prohibited. The legal definition of furnishing is "to supply, give, or provide to, or allow a minor to possess on premises or property owned or controlled by the person charged."

In light of the Pennsylvania legislature's definition of furnishing and the potential health risk of over-consumption, kegs, beer balls, and similar products are not permitted by students of any age.

  • This policy applies to full or empty containers.
  • Draining kegs, beer balls, or similar products into other containers for the purpose of possessing, consuming, or furnishing alcohol on campus is not permitted.
  • Being in a room or area where a keg, beer ball, or similar product is present will be viewed as a violation of the campus alcohol policy.

Because of the potential dangers to health, the possession of excessively potent forms of ethyl alcohol (i.e., grain) for drinking purposes is prohibited.

Each student must carry proper identification and proof of age and produce such identification when requested by a College official.

Non-student guests are subject to all College policies related to the use of alcoholic beverages when on campus. Student hosts will be held responsible for the behavior of their guest(s).

Student Rooms in College-Owned Residential Facilities

Activities in residence hall rooms or apartments should not infringe upon the rights of others. The College has an obligation to preserve an atmosphere conducive to academic and social wellness. Any student who behaves in a fashion that disrupts the residence hall or infringes upon the rights of another student will be subject to disciplinary action.

Activities in student rooms or apartments must be self-contained. Hallways, lounges, and bathrooms are not to be used for parties or to accommodate the overflow of social gatherings.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in rooms where all residents are under the age of 21.

Public Areas

Open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in public areas of the College. Exceptions to this policy may be granted for registered social functions by the Director or Assistant Director of Campus Activities.

All social functions in public areas involving the use of alcoholic beverages must be approved in advance by the Director or Assistant Director of Campus Activities and must comply with the procedures outlined on the Social Function Request Form.

  • Event sponsors may not in any way furnish alcoholic beverages for the function. College funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages and the sponsors may not participate in the purchase and/or delivery of alcoholic beverages for attendees. The only approved format is "bring your own beverage" for those persons 21 years of age and older.
  • When alcoholic beverages are permitted, non-alcoholic beverages and food must be provided.
  • All guests must provide proof of age before entering the function. All guests who are 21 years or over must be visibly identified by means of a wristband.
  • All social functions in public areas involving the use of alcoholic beverages must have an Event Management team present. The Event Managers will oversee the checking of identification and the distribution of alcoholic beverages to guests at the event. Event Managers must be arranged by the Office of Campus Activities; volunteers are not permitted to assume the responsibilities of the Event Management Team.
  • Social functions in residence hall lounges must comply with residence hall policies.
  • Only registered student organizations may charge admission for social functions. Individual students hosting private functions may not charge an admission fee.
  • Event sponsors are not to interfere with College officials in their attempts to monitor the function and enforce College policy.
  • If a scheduled social function is canceled, the event sponsor is responsible for notifying the Office of Campus Activities in a timely fashion.