All students who bring motor vehicles to the college area, whether to the campus itself or not, must register their cars, motorcycles, motor scooters or motor bikes with the Director of Safety & Security. Upon approval of the registration form, a display sticker is issued and should be placed on the left side of the rear bumper. Failure to register a vehicle by a student results in a fine.


Any registered student may apply for a motor vehicle permit.


A registration fee is assessed at the time the display sticker is issued.


A current vehicle registration sticker properly displayed (left side, rear bumper) entitles a student to park in any of the lots authorized for student parking. Parking spaces cannot be guaranteed to sticker holders. Parking in an unauthorized area subjects students to a fine for the first offense, a larger fine for the second offense, and disciplinary action (including loss of on-campus driving privileges) for subsequent offenses.

Traffic Regulations

In addition to the rules and regulations for operating a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are several regulations peculiar to the Juniata campus:

  • All vehicles must be operated at a reasonable speed on campus streets with particular consideration for pedestrian traffic.
  • No vehicles, including two-wheel motor vehicles, shall travel over, or park on, any grass area, macadam, or concrete walkways. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a fine.
  • Careful compliance should be given to the "no parking" restrictions which are posted —particularly on Moore Street, on the roadway behind Tussey-Terrace Hall, and in the Sherwood and Tussey-Terrace lots.
    Borough Parking and Traffic

Motorists must observe signs and signals. Areas which are painted yellow are non-parking areas. The Borough of Huntingdon, in an effort to keep the community clean, has designated certain streets as NO PARKING areas on days when the street sweeper (or snow plow) will be cleaning the streets. Check the signs posted on the street on which you are parked as to when this will be affecting you.