In the geology modules, you will use "hands on" observations and field discussions to address cutting-edge questions regarding the geological history of the Southwest and how this history addresses humans' place in nature.

Southwestern Geology

Student explores the roocks.

During this excursion into the desert of the southwest, we will explore how the basin and range formed. Each stop will highlight different processes that have occurred during the past 300 million years. We will focus on volcanic activity during the Cenozoic. The only prerequisite for this module is Introduction to Geology (GL 100/101) or permission from the instructor. There is a additional $25 fee for this module. We will examine rocks units in: Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona Morenci, Arizona Chiricahua, and Arizona San Carlos Indian Reservation (World famous peridot location).

Erosion and Land Use

Rock formations in the southwest.

During this excursion we will explore the beautiful landforms of the southwest and discuss how they formed and how we use them. Each stop will highlight the geologic processes and forces that shaped the land. There will be several long hikes in these modules, no prerequisites are required. During this module we will visit: Page, Arizona, Lake Powell and slot canyons Bryce Canyon, Utah San Rafael Swell, andd Utah Arches National Park.


Student with dinosaur imprint.

By examining bones in dinosaur quarries, trace fossils of dinosaurs, and museum collections, you will learn about the ecology of these ancient giants. During this module, we will visit: Two sites in the Moab, UT area that contain extraordinary dinosaur footprints Mill Canyon dinosaur quarry, at which you will see a wide variety of bones, still in the outcrop An active dinosaur quarry near Moab, UT The Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry, the most prolific dinosaur quarry in the world (private tour).