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    graduated in four or fewer years.

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    of all Juniata students are employed or in graduate school six months after graduation.

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    of Juniata pre-medical and health profession students gain admission to medical or professional school.

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    participated in distinctive hands-on learning.

    • Google
    • Google
    • Brianna Watt Photo
    • Brianna Watt '16
    • Google IT Residency Program
    • Information Technology w/ a secondary emphasis in Business Management
    • "By March of my senior year, I knew I would be at Google after graduation."
    • Read More about Brianna
    • GEICO
    • GEICO
    • Harris Cauler Photo
    • Harris Cauler '15
    • Emerging Leaders Management Program at GEICO
    • Business Technology and Information Management
    • "Juniata gives you many opportunities to pursue a million different things."
    • Read More about Harris
    • The Vangaurd Group
    • The Vangaurd Group
    • Gabe Castro Photo
    • Gabe Castro '12
    • Management Position at the Global Investment Firm, The Vanguard Group
    • Finance and Economics
    • "At 18 years old, it’s difficult to know exactly what you want to do with your life, and at Juniata, they encourage you to explore."
    • Read More about Gabe

We support each others' journeys.

We meet as friends—and partners—whether we are students, members of the faculty and staff, or alumni.

We take Juniata with us no matter where we go.

These are some of the places where Juniata graduates pursue rewarding careers and lives of meaning and happiness.

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