As new Juniatians, we have designed a series of events and activities throughout the summer to help prepare you to be an Eagle!

Summer Orientation

is a required one-day experience where you will receive vital information on how to be a successful student inside and outside of the classroom, begin making social connections with your peers, and start to orient yourself to campus spaces.

Families and supporters are requested to take part in Orientation and will have their own series of informational sessions throughout the day. 

Registration begins at 9 a.m. with Orientation running from 9:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. on your scheduled day. All times are Eastern Time.

Register for one of the Orientation dates listed below at least 2 weeks in advance of that date. Space for each session is limited!

*Please note, international students are automatically registered for International Student Orientation, August 15 - 17.


Being located in a rural area, we understand that traveling to Huntingdon, PA can have logistical challenges. Please refer to the Traveling to Juniata College and Huntingdon, PA section of your new student information booklet for details on travel options, and as always feel free to reach out to us at                                         



is a three-day immersive retreat designed to build social connections through fun experiences and learning about being a Juniatian. We require Inbound as a first-year experience because we know that engaging before the semester begins can help you succeed academically, build skills and connections, and foster well-being.

Inbound is for students only, and Juniata is unable to provide any housing or transportation for families and supporters during your Inbound experience.

Inbound 1, our July session, begins directly following Orientation Session 2 with registration from 4:00 p.m  - 5:00 p.m. that Friday. Inbound runs from 5pm July 12th until 5pm, Sunday, July 14th. Housing is provided for student participants throughout Inbound. Students on any of Juniata's fall varsity athletic teams will need to register for this July session. *Space for this session is limited!*

Inbound 2 begins right before the start of the semester. All participants will move into their campus housing on Sunday, August 18 between 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. Students and families have until 2pm to get settled in their rooms and then transition into their Inbound activities.

Register for one Inbound session below at least 2 weeks in advance of the start date.*

*We understand that there may be some circumstances that prevent you from being able to participate in Inbound. If you would like to request to be exempt from Inbound please complete this form.

Please select and register for Summer Orientation and Inbound using the links below. You will need to register separately for both an Orientation session and an Inbound Session.

You will need to log in using the same email address and password that you used for your Juniata admission application, not your new Juniata email address. 


  • Orientation Session 1

    Friday, June


  • Orientation Session 2

    Friday, July


  • Inbound Session 1

    Friday - Sunday, July


  • Orientation Session 3

    Monday, July


  • Inbound Session 2

    Sunday - Tuesday, August



When registering for Inbound you will indicate your top three interest areas. We do our best to place you into one of your retreat theme preferences, but space in each retreat is limited. During your Inbound, you will participate in small group activities in your theme, as well as other community-building, community-expectation, and getting-to-know campus activities.

"Travel Time" and "Activity Level" are rated on a high, moderate, low scale to help you select the best possible retreat for you. Retreats with high travel time will travel more than an hour from campus or include multiple activity locations per day that require a bus ride. Retreats with high activity levels will have activities that require physical exertion for at least 6+ hours per day.

All experience levels are welcome on all our retreats – college is a great time to try new things, share what you love, and learn through playful curiosity! 

*Please note that some retreat themes may only be offered during one of the two sessions.

Inbound Retreat Descriptions 

Note:  Descriptions include examples of activities that may not be exact activities on your schedule. 

Community Cultural Tour:  This retreat will relish relationships among the greater area community, taking in the richness of stories, people, and the beautiful places that are part of your new home. Become a familiar face at community-oriented local businesses, like Standing Stone Coffee Company, share laughter and activities with Juniata alumni residents of a local senior living community, and delight in the unique histories shared by experiences at places like the Isett Heritage Museum, Raystown Lake Visitors Center, and a Huntingdon walking tour.

Travel time: Medium   Activity level: Low to Medium

Community Service:  Participants of this retreat will put their helping hands to work through community-engaged direct service with local organizations that care for the places, people, and land around us. You'll get to work on a couple projects, that may include things like hiking trail maintenance with the Friends of Huntingdon Borough Trails or bringing a brush of kindness to a new friend's home with Habitat for Humanity, while engaging with the idea of "community" through learning the stories, experiences, and contexts of this new area you'll call "home" through your time at Juniata! Be sure to consider joining a service club at Lobsterfest too, like Huntingdon Helping Hands, the Juniata College Chapter of the Lions Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Habitat Restoration Club, or the Pets and Animals Welfare Society!

Travel time: Low   Activity level: Medium to High (dependent on service work project)

Creative Arts: Kick-off college with creative energy! This retreat allows students to share & express themselves through creative movement, media, and making art! Enjoy acting workshops, learn a dance, visit art locales in the nearby area, paint, sip, & karaoke with new pals-- you’ll get to produce something meaningful before you even begin one of Juniata's Integrated Media Arts classes!  Be sure to check out the Juniata Creators Club and the Juniata Student Theatre Ensemble club at Lobsterfest later this fall!

Travel time: Low  Activity level: Low 

Camping: Enjoy the great outdoors by going off-campus to Juniata’s Raystown Field Station. Slow down and soak up three days of lake-life-activities such as kayaking, swimming, hiking, and cooking over a campfire.  

Travel time: Low  Activity level: Medium to High

Fun & Games: For those students who enjoy games, arcades, and other similar activities, this retreat will take excursions to an escape room, laser tag, and mini golf by day and then cozy-up for classic boardgames by night. To keep the fun going every week on campus you should join the Ministry Of Games or Esports student organizations this fall at Lobsterfest! 

Travel time: High   Activity level: Medium 

Outdoor Adventures: Incorporating some favorite activities, this retreat is for those with a high energy for seeking plenty of time in wild spaces enjoying the thrill of adventure sports. Some example activities include river-tubing, biking, paddling, hiking, and exploring the best recreation locales around Huntingdon! You may also want to connect with our Kayak Club or Juniata Cycling Club at Lobsterfest this fall!

Travel time: High   Activity level: High 

Plexus (*August Session ONLY): This retreat is designed to allow new students with a passion for multiculturalism to meet other new and returning students to cultivate friendship, support, guidance, and advocacy. Celebrate diversity and build a more inclusive campus community with a network of peers. Plexus is also a club on campus that offers participants an opportunity to continue their connective work beyond Inbound! 
Travel time: Medium   Activity level: Low 

Rock Climbing: Juniata rocks! Explore local natural rocks through hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering. You’ll also get to visit a nearby indoor rock gym to connect you with year-round fun!  The Juniata Climbing Club will be a great club for you to join to keep up your grip-strength and continue to connect you to these opportunities.

Travel time: High    Activity level: High 

Team Sports:  Kick! Run! Shoot! Score! If you love friendly competition and the energy of playing on a team, this retreat allows you to play a variety of team-oriented sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball to name a few—and even try some of our club sports you may want to join this fall!  

Travel time: Low    Activity level: High 

Recreation & Leisure Sports: This retreat is one that incorporates the enjoyment of sports and the outdoors just for the fun of it. Go to a local baseball game, enjoy disc golf and beach games at Raystown Lake, take a hike on nearby trails, and try your hand at badminton on North Lawn.  Find the Disc Golf Club, Spikeball Club, and Ping Pong Club at Lobsterfest to continue the fun this fall!

Travel time: Medium    Activity level: Medium 

Eagles Sky Lab: Take to the skies as a new Eagle in this retreat that melds together astronomy, birdwatching, and building "aircraft". Even gaze at the night sky at Juniata's two observatories, and visit beautiful local "perches" along the way! You may also want to connect with the Juniata Stargazers, The Society of Physics Students, or start a new birding club at Lobsterfest this fall!

Travel time: High    Activity level: Low  

Food & Drink: Transition to college through your taste buds! This retreat will explore local restaurants and the craft experience of several different foods and drinks. Uncover the notes of specialty coffee with our local roaster, Standing Stone Coffee Company, appreciate nature’s sweetness through maple syrup, and indulge in rich local creamery cheese and ice cream! If you like this retreat, the Juniata Tea Club could be a great RSO for you to join this fall!

Travel time: High    Activity level: Low 

Peace-Making: Peace is everybody’s business. That’s what we believe here at Juniata College as one of the oldest Peace and Conflict Studies programs in the country. Hike to the Baker Peace Chapel, develop practices of non-violence & mediation, make peace art, and have fun as a team through community-building initiatives. Want to change the world? Start here! And then join the PAX-O student organization at Lobsterfest!

Travel time: Medium    Activity level: Low 

Stewards of Sustainability: Blue + Gold = GREEN! This retreat will empower a new cohort of Juniatians to live into Juniata’s commitment to sustainability. Play with pollinator gardens & riparian buffers, dig into daily habits that better care for the earth, help further Juniata as a nationally recognized “Tree Campus”, and visit our LEED Certified Raystown Field Station.  Juniata has many clubs for you to join at Lobsterfest if sustainability is your passion:  the Juniata Environmental Coalition, the Habitat Restoration Club, and the American Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists!

Travel time: Medium    Activity level: Low to Medium 

Around the World: Participants in this retreat will celebrate and grow an appreciation of world cultures and globalized connections. Connect with our World Languages programs and Center for International Education opportunities, share intercultural experiences, and even enjoy some food from around the world! You'll definitely want to get involved with any number of our many cultural clubs on campus this fall and join their spectacular events:  South Asian Student Assoc., Latin American Student Organization, Chinese Club, Japanese Club, Korean Club, Vietnamese Student Organization, Plexus, French Club, Study Abroad Club, One Union, and Spanish Club!

Travel time: Medium    Activity level: Low  

Music, Music, Music!: Calling all singers, musicians, and anyone passionate about making and enjoying the art of music! This retreat will have you jamming and harmonizing with life at Juniata—you’ll be introduced to places and people that will fuel your passion, hone your talents, and get you connected with Juniata’s musical opportunities. Speaking of opportunities, be sure to get involved with a club at Lobsterfest like Pep Band or Musical Performance Association! 

Travel time: Low     Activity level: Low  

Well-Being: Being well at Juniata is a holistic practice and community value. This retreat will guide you to resources, build healthy habits, practice your values, and grow with a new group of supportive friends as you learn to take good care of yourself and the Juniata community as you begin your college journey. Come learn Tai Chi, try out forest bathing, meditate in the deep ring of singing bowls, and build a mini-green space for your dorm room!

Travel time: Low to Medium    Activity level: Low to Medium 

Wildlife (*August Session ONLY): For students that are interested in environmental studies or who enjoy “critters”, this retreat is based out of the Juniata Raystown Field Station and will give you opportunities to encounter local wildlife and some of the conservation organizations who care for their management. You'll want to join the Juniata Chapter of The Wildlife Society at Lobsterfest too!

Travel time: Medium to High     Activity level: Medium 


Have any questions about Inbound or a retreat? Email