Welcome to Juniata College! We are so excited to partner with you during your academic journey at Juniata College! As a new student, our academic advisors will build a customized class schedule for your first semester that you will receive in mid-June. Before then, there are several things for you to do: 

I've Gotten My Class Schedule and I Have Questions!

  • Complete your New Student Scheduling Questionnaire. We will send each new student an online form so you can tell us more about yourself and your academic interests. We use that information thoughtfully as we build your class schedule for your first semester and to match you up with academic advisors. Click HERE to access the questionnaire.
Fall 2023 First-Year Composition Themes
Fall 2023 Electives Recommended for First-Year Students
Fall 2023 General Education Courses Recommended for First-Year Students
Secondary Emphasis Information
  • Submit AP or IB results. Request to have your official Advanced Placement score reports or International Baccalaureate transcripts sent to Juniata College.

  • Submit transcripts of college courses. Request to have transcripts of any college courses you've completed before coming to Juniata sent to us at transfercredits@juniata.edu. Transcripts must be official and come directly from the college or university that granted the credit for the courses, even if you took the classes in high school.

  • Take the world language placement assessment. If you have completed three or more years in high school of a world language offered by Juniata (Chinese, French, Spanish) or are a heritage speaker of one of these languages, you should take the placement assessment for that language.
    • You will need to set up an account first, but you can skip entering your student ID number if you don’t have it handy.
    • Complete the test to the best of your ability without any outside assistance.
    • If you have any questions about the placement recommendation after you’ve completed the test, contact Dr. Amy Frazier-Yoder, chair of the World Languages Department, at fraziera@juniata.edu.

  • Arrange for support if you are an English Language Learner.  If you are an international or domestic student and English is not your first language, you are able to take ESL classes or sign-up for 1-on-1 peer tutoring in listening, speaking, or writing, through the English for Academic Purposes program.  Register for the Juniata English Language Assessment offered in June and July, and receive extra language advising.  You can sign up by emailing Elliot Hirshon, the English for Academic Purposes Coordinator, at hirshoe@juniata.edu

It is an exciting moment of transition, and we look forward to beginning our journey together. If you have questions about advising or registration prior to Orientation, contact us at advising@juniata.edu.

First-Year Experience Courses

Most first-year students take part in a course sequence in your first two semesters that is designed to help prepare you for success at Juniata and beyond:

  • First-Year Composition - FYC introduces students to different types of reading and writing using varied models and genres in popular/scholarly and digital/print forms to build students’ information literacy skills, rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, and knowledge of conventions. (4-credit course in your first semester).
  • First-Year Seminar - FYS helps students develop the arts of academic writing and oral communication and the intellectual skill of analyzing evidence and arguments. (3-credit course in your second semester)
  • First-Year Foundations - FYF provides students with the resources, skills and information that will assist them in successfully navigating academic and social life at Juniata College. (1-credit course in your first semester)

These courses are the first steps in completing your liberal arts requirements, which start you on the path to becoming a well-rounded lifelong learner that is the hallmark of a Juniata College education.