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Ascending by Gunther Spaltmann at Juniata College

Aufsteigend (Ascending), 1967
Gunther Spaltman
Oil on canvas on panel
Gift of Rosemarie Siebke

Bent River by Clayton Frost Merrell at Juniata College

Bent River, 2000
Clayton Frost Merrell
Mixed media on canvas over wood
Museum purchase

The JCMA continues to acquire works representing the art of our time in diverse media. Key acquisitions include work by Robert Birmelin, Alexander McBride, Stephen Barbash, and Robert Lugo. 

Quilting Time by Bearden at Juniata College

Quilting Time, 1979
Romare Bearden
Museum purchase

The Lamb and I by Lugo at Juniata College

The Lamb and I, 2012
Roberto Lugo
Glazed and china-painted terracotta
Museum purchase