W. Clay and Kathryn H. Burkholder Professor of Conflict Resolution

Email: cookhu@juniata.edu
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Personal Website: http://faculty.juniata.edu/cookhu/


Dr. Cook-Huffman teaches in the Peace and Conflict Studies program and is the Associate Director of the Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies. Her background combines peace studies with specialized training and education in conflict resolution, nonviolence, gender, and mediation. The focus of her teaching is on understanding how conflict affects individuals, communities and the world system. In exploring conflict, Dr. Cook-Huffman asks students to think about both how to wage conflicts productively as well as how to resolve them. In all her courses, she encourages students to think creatively about conflict and the dangers and opportunities it brings to our lives.

Outside the classroom, Dr. Cook-Huffman has worked with the college community, churches, school and small businesses, teaching mediation and conflict resolution skills, and providing community mediation services under the auspices of the Baker Institute.

Her research focuses on the impact of social identity on conflict and the relationship between gender issues and conflict. She received the Juniata Junior Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award in 1996. She has a B.A. in peace studies and conflict resolution from Manchester College, an M.A. in peace studies from the University of Notre Dame where she was an International Scholars Program Fellow, and a Ph.D. from Syracuse University. She currently holds the W. Clay and Kathryn H. Burkholder Professorship in Conflict Resolution.

She is married to the Assistant Dean of Students Daniel Cook-Huffman. They have two children, Jesse and Grace.