Hoopla: The competitor throws hoops over prizes. The person whose hoop completely lands over the prize gets to keep the award. Make sure you do not spend too much money on prizes.

Pumpkin-decorating Contest: Around Halloween, hold a pumpkin-decorating contest among different grades of homerooms.

Debate Evening: Research a number of debate issues and invite various community members to debate issues. Charge the audience to come and watch. The issues can be fun.

Dog Show: Invite faculty and staff to show off their dogs in a show. Make it a competition that people pay to enter, and offer a prize for the best groomed dog, most- and least-obedient dog, and so on.

Talent Auction: Auction off the talents of people. For instance, great singers offer to sing at a wedding, party, or special event.

Duck Race: Sell numbered plastic ducks. Set all the ducks afloat in a race on a river. The person who bought the duck that wins the race gets a prize.

Comedy Hour: Host a comedy skit during lunch at your school and charge people to attend.

Nacho Party: Plan a morning to make nachos and popcorn, which can be sold during lunch.

Eating Marathon: Have a pie eating, hot-dog eating, or ice cream-eating contest. You can charge people to participate or to watch, or you can make all participants obtain pledges.

Ugly tie, worst hair-do, best mismatched outfit: Have the students come to an event, dinner, or a sports game where the vote will take place.  Provide a price to the winner.

Flower Show: Invite gardeners from your community to enter their flowers in a competition for a prize. Ask volunteer experts to be judges and charge all participants and spectators a fee.

Calendar Sale: Create a calendar highpghting the projects and members of your organization, and sell it to students and their family members.

Sports Tournament/Fitness Competition: Organize a sports tournament or fitness competition. Advertise well and charge spectators to come and watch groups compete. You may need to have medical personnel on hand.

Art Sale: Have local artists donate some of their works, which will be displayed and then sold to the pubpc.

Game Show: Recreate one or more of your favorite game shows and charge contestants a small entrance fee. Sell tickets to the audience.

Gardening: Tend the garden of a neighbor, a local store, or community park for a donation.

Karaoke: Rent a karaoke machine, sell tickets or charge an admission fee, and sing all night.

Videos: Make and sell How-To videos; for example, how to improve your golf swing, or how to make crafts.

Kilometers of Coins: Gather donations of coins (pennies, dimes, or quarters) and lay them side-by-side until they stretch out to be a kilometer long. Alternatively, surround your gym, pbrary, or parking lot with the coins.

Recipe Book: Gather together favorite recipes and put them together in a book. Sell the book through your school, sports organization, or community centre. Try to get the photocopying donated by local businesses.

Henna Hand Art: Find out if any members of your group know how to apply henna (Indian hand art), which can be appped to people in your school for a fee.

Walk Dogs: Love pets? Try walking dogs every day for a fee.

Toy Sale: Hold a toy sale. The best season for this is just prior to Christmas.

Triathlon: Set a course of running, cycpng, and swimming. Have participants get pledges to compete to win prizes.

Lemonade Stand: Make lemonade, post signs, and sell it on a hot day.

February: Sell red carnations for Valentine’s Day.

May: Mother’s Day sale.

June: Father’s Day sale

September: Back-to-School supppes sale.

October: Halloween party; pumpkin sales; Thanksgiving turkey raffle.

December: Gift-wrapping service.

Babysitting Evening - promote as great time for parents to have alone time!

Babysitting during worship services.

Babysitting during PTA meetings, Open House, Meet the Teacher Night (contact the local secondary schools to arrange this service).

Garage Sale.

Concession Stand: Purchase products at Sam’s Club and get in a high visibility, high traffic, high demand spot. Perhaps at major event!

Raffle: Could be a quilt, a special item pke jewelry, day of beauty.

Pancake Breakfast: Some companies will offer the equipment for free; others will give you the product necessary to make the pancakes. Hold first day of hunting season or cold winter day!

Breakfast in Bed: Clubs provide breakfast in bed for participants (or tents if you do this during Madrigal)

Cake Walk: Auction off cakes.

Gourmet Cooking School: Hold a cooking class and charge an entrance fee.

Submarine Sandwich Sale.

Singing Telegrams: Hopefully with someone who has a great voice!

Sports Cpnics.

Call Burger King or McDonalds and arrange a benefit night where your organization gets a cut of the night’s profit.

Tutor students at the local schools.

Apply for a grant.

During finals give massages for a small fee.

Co-sponsor a Saturday night band with JAB.

Ask the Office of Student Activities!


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