Mountain Day

Mountain Day, Juniata College

The mountain day committee prepares for all aspects of Mountain Day, which includes planning, production, hospitality, and keeping the day a secret from the rest of campus!

To sign-up to be called on the morning of Mountain Day, please click here.



Festifall, Juniata College

JAB’s newest tradition, started Fall 2016, is our way of bringing Springfest to the Fall semester, with a day to enjoy our beautiful campus and enjoy great food and great fun. Hosted over “Halloweekend” it’s the perfect end to a perfect Juniata fall with pumpkin carving, smore roasting, and leaf peeping.


To join the Festifall Committee, contact Owen Baker at


Madrigal Dinner, Juniata College

Winter dinner & dance for the school, where the faculty serve the students! Committee responsibilities include planning and production of the dinner, the dance, and the tenting which occurs the week before tickets go on sale. Click here to view the tenting rules and regulations.


To Join the Madrigal committee contact Kirwin Seger at


A festival with bands, food, games and more activities. This committee works on the planning, production, marketing, and hospitality for the event. Established in 1986, Springfest has gone through some pretty big changes, but remains jam-packed with activities allowing students and staff to enjoy a break from their preparations for final exams and to get a little crazy!

To join the Springfest committee contact Naomi Frey at


Surprise Day, Juniata College

These unique events, held every month or so, provide a night to get out of the dorms and have some fun. Past events included the Condom Carnival, Spray Paint the Universe, Scary Movie Nights, petting zoos, and more!!

To join the themed events committee contact Sierra Garrison at


These bigger, special, events are what we call once-in-a-lifetime events, a chance to do bigger events that aren't quite Juniata traditions (yet!). Our best example is the JC's Got Talent, hosted by drag queen Shangela. Other Special events include our summer send-off luau and bringing in spoken word artists and musical performers.

To join the special events committee contact Owen Baker at


Welcome Week Trivia Night, Juniata College

These are classic JAB events-Bingo nights, trivia, and more!


To join the favorite events committee contact Katniss Tan at

May Day

Awards brunch for students, staff, and faculty. Committee members coordinate and execute the breakfast and the awards.

Click here for more information about May Day.