Male Statistics
It's On Us

The unfortunate reality is that 1 in 33 men will leave college survivors of sexual assault, and 1 in 5 women will experience the same trauma.  And in almost every one of these cases, the perpetrator of the sexual assault is a man.  Cultural, media and social influences shape men and men's expectations about their sexual attitudes, roles and experiences.  While many or most men find sexual assault abhorrent and unacceptable, still too many don't understand rape as rape, decline or neglect to show respect through the practice of consent, and ultimately engage in behavior that is consistent with sexual assault.  It has to stop, and it will take outreach by men of good conscience to their peers in all aspects of college life – the classroom, living units, athletic fields, the dining table, etc. – for this critical change to take place.

Juniata has assembled an advisory committee of men charged with thinking about and making progress around Men's Outreach.  Charged with helping to shape and change our campus culture and attitudes about sexual assault, and ultimately reduce incidents of sexual violence, the group is taking steps to:

  • Provide educational programming
  • Initiate dialogue
  • Give space and support to the voices and experiences of survivors
  • Implement best practices for engagement of men by other men