Softball Pitching Clinic


Juniata's Softball Pitching Clinic is offered throughout the winter months. This is a chance for pitchers to come inside the gym and throw with JC Pitchers and Coaches during the off season.


The basic mechanics of windmill pitching by breaking down the motion and working on each component separately. The instructors will introduce the proper way to grip the ball, wrist snap, arm circle and driving with the legs during the pitch.


Grades 4-8

Advanced Pitchers:

How to enhance the basic mechanics to add more speed to their pre-existing pitches. They will also learn the proper mechanics of breaking pitches including the drop, curve, screwball, and rise. There will also be emphasis on location, movement, and the change up.


Grades 9-12

  • Price per Session
  • $35
  • Price for All Six Sessions
  • $175
Limit each session to 10 participants per session.
Each Pitcher must supply their own catcher, which cannot be another pitcher participating in the clinic.

For more information on the Softball team and coaches, please visit the Juniata Athletics webpage!