From ancient legends to the latest Star Wars film - we love stories about heroes and their journeys to reward. Send your middle-schooler on their own Journey this summer through the arts at Juniata College. They’ll leave the ordinary world to explore unknown territories in ceramics, theatre, art, and media, guided by their mentors (Juniata faculty!). Along the way, they will meet challenges, develop their imaginations, and exercise creativity and problem-solving skills. On the final day (Friday), they will emerge triumphant and tell their stories through performance and art works so parents and friends can cheer their success!

pottery pieces drying on racks

Arts Summer Day Camp


June 15-19, 2020


Ages 11-14

Camp Curriculum:

Campers will engage in a wide variety of arts exploration including Museum Studies, Studio Art, Theatre, Music, and Integrated Media Arts. Each module will have a final product showing for the day to present to parents and guardians that pick them up from camp.


All the disciplines are working with the theme of "The Hero's Journey." All the groups present simultaneously in the Museum on the final day.

Space and Equipment

All modules would be held on Juniata’s campus. Between Halbritter and the Movement Studio, Studio Arts, IMA, and the Museum, we can maximize the existing campus resources for a robust arts experience. The final presentation will take place in the Juniata College Museum of Art.

List of Potential Life Skills

Creative expression is the foundational skill development for a camp like this. Additionally, many of the modules make use of critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

* Attendees to bring bagged lunch or money for lunch at nearby Sheetz.