Tuesdays with Morrie

By Mitch Alborn

An old man, a young man and life's greatest lesson.

The Scalpel and the Silver Bear

By Lori Arviso Alvord, MD

The first Navajo woman surgeon combines Western Medicine and Traditional Healing

"Damn Rare"

By Charles L. Blockson

The memoirs of an African-American Bibliophile.

Gender Outlaw

By Kate Bornstein

On men, women, and the rest of us

Monday Morning Leadership

By David Cottrell

8 mentoring sessions you can't afford to miss

Who is Black?

By F. James Davis

One Nation's Definition

Man Strong Beautiful Voices

By Quinn Eli

Quotes from Africans throughout the Diaspora


By Carine Fabious

The timeless art of Henna Body Painting

The Illustrate Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom

By Gill Farrer-Hall

A complete Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Buddhism

Should God Get Tenure?

Edited by David W. Gill

Essays on Religion and Higher Education

Juniata College Uncommon Vision, Uncommon Loyalty

By Earl C. Kaylor, Jr.

The History of an independent college in PA founded by the Brethren


Hindu Goddesses 

By David Kinsley

Vision of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious Tradition

Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine 

By David Kinsley

The Ten Mahavidyas

Leadership ER: A Health Check Up for You and Your Team

By Stephen F. Krempl

Ropes and Rituals for Hindu Women

Edited by Julia Leslie

Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement

By John Lewis

"And Don't Call Me a Racist!"

Selected by Ella Mazel

A Treasury of Quotes on the Past, Present, and Future of the Color Line in America


By Aurora Levins Morales

Stories of Earth and Iron for the History of Puertorriquenas

Taking Sides

By Richard C. Monk

Clashing views on controversial issues in Race and Ethnicity

It's All in the Frijoles

By Yolanda Nava

100 Famous Latinos Share Real-life Stories, Time-Tested Dichos, Favorite Folktales, and Inspiring Words of Wisdom

The Wisdom of the Native Americans

Edited by Kent Nerburn

Cultivating Humanity:

By Martha C. Nussbaum

A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education

Big Questions, Worth Dreams

By Sharon Daloz Parks

Mentoring Young Adults in Their Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Faith

Colleges that Change Lives

By Loren Pope

40 Schools You Should Know About Even if You're Not A Straight-A Student

Lies That My Teacher Told Me

By James W. Loewen

Everything that your American history textbook got wrong

When I was Puerto Rican

By Esmeralda Santiago

Diversity Pedagogy

By Rosa Hernandez Sheets

Examining the Role of Culture in the Teaching-Learning Process

Everything But the Burden

Edited by Greg Tate

What White People are Taking from Black Culture

Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

By Beverly Daniel Tatum, PhD

A psychologist explains the development of racial identity

Toward Acceptance

Edited by Vernon A Wall and Nancy J. Evans

Sexual Orientation Issues on Campus

Puerto Vallarta Squeeze

By Robert James Waller

Diversity and Motivation

By Raymond J. Wlodkowshi and Margery 

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Race, Ethnicity and Nationality in the United States

Edited by Paul Wong

Toward Affirmative Action and Racial/Ethnic Pluralism

By John W. Work, PhD

How to Frain in Organizations?

Legislating Morality

By Licinda Peach

From Survival to Success:

Edited by Doris J. Wright and Melvin C. Terrell

Promoting Minority Students Retention

How Race is Lived in America

By Joseph Lelyveld

Pulling Together, Pulling Apart

University Students of Color Speak Out

By Julia Lesage, Abby L. Ferber, Debbie Stoors, and Donna Wong

African-American Men In College

By Michael J. Cuyjet & Associates

Multicultural Competencies in Student Affairs

By Raechele L. Pope, Amy L. Reynolds, John A. Mueller

Nursery Tales Around the World

By Judy Sierra; Illustrate by Stefano Vitale

If the World Were a Village

By David J. Smith; Illustrated by Shelagh Armstrong

A Book about the World's People

Lies Across America

By James W. Loewen

What our historic sites got wrong

Leadership Challenge

By Kouzes/Posner



By Martin Duberman

Teaching to Transgress

By Bell Hooks

Education as the practice of freedom

Roles and Rituals for Hindu Women

By Julia Penelope and Edited by Susan J. Wolfe

The Original Coming Out Stories