Participate in Educational Activities that Create Equality 

ODI invites all members of the Juniata and Huntingdon community to work towards earning their P.E.A.C.E (Participating in Educational Activities that Create Equality) Certificate. 

Overseen by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and signed by the College President, the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate celebrates your commitment to reaching beyond tolerance and fostering a deeper understanding of a variety of identities and issues that marginalized groups face.

Bronze: Attend 6 events
Silver: Attend 12 events
Gold: Attend 18 events

How Do I Earn a Certificate?

Throughout the school year, ODI presents a series of events that are designated as P.E.A.C.E Certificate eligible. Sign-in at and attend any 6 of these events to earn the Bronze Level. Reach the Silver Level by attending 12 events and Gold Level by attending 18 events. 

Gold Certified Level

Is multicultural education at the center of your life and goals? Have you already earned a Gold certificate but want to keep it fresh? You can earn a "certified" status each year after you have earned your Gold certificate by attending 2 P.E.A.C.E. certificate eligible events in 1 year and completing any of the following activities:

  • Leading a service trip or diversity-related workshop
  • Study abroad
  • Participate in a Service Learning Course
  • Lead/plan a Multicultural Education Program (in conjunction with the ODI)
  • Attend a conference with a multicultural focus (no Webinars)(the conferences will be approved by the ODI staff)

After its inaugural year, nearly 30 members of the Juniata College staff, faculty, students, and alumni earned their P.E.A.C.E. Certificate and this year 109 individuals earned a certificate. Will you be the next to join them?

Recipients of the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate 2016-2017

Gold Certified Gold Silver Bronze
Lisa Baer Laura Berman Megha Arora Jody Althouse
Kaila Carrasco Lauren Bowen Laura Berman TJ Anderson
Grace Fala Wenli Chen Ellen Campbell Owen Baker
Jeannine Haizlip Christie Gibboney Justin Chen Carole Baker
Pat Hunter Renee Lucas Cathy Closz Laura Bickel
Cady Kyle David Meadows Lori Cramer Heather Bumbarger
Darwin Kysor Sally Oberle Tristan delGuidice Noah Carr
Stephanie Njeru  Brenda Roll Katie Dickey Nitya Chagti
 Valerie Rennell  Lisa Roth Danielle Ebeling David Coder
 Andrea Smith  Juliana Suplee Pixie Estrada Caitlyn Coffin
 Stephanie Turner  Elizabeth Widman Gary Feagley Greg Curley
 Tammy Stuber  Anne Wood Kerry Harper Matthew Damschroder
 David Witkovsky    Dawn Hayes Dan Dubois
 Skukura Woods    Morgan Horell Gary Feagley
     Anne-Marcelle Kouame Elizabeth Fuhrman
     Jesse Leonard Zach Fultz
     Betty McKim Maeve Gannon
     Christina Miller Maddison Garrick
     Faith Nichols Ryan Gibboney
     Joanna Shin Karen Godoy
     Susan Sieber Kaliegh Herring
     James Troha Toby Hollertz
     Joseph Tyler Cody Januszko
     Gail Ulrich Rina Kirsch
     Gave Welsch Joanne Krugh
     Marissa Woodman Angela Lightner
      Peggy Lockhoff
      Earl Martin
      Erica McCauley
      Sarah McConkey
      Erin McCool
      Jeff Meadows
      Bill Moschella
      Megan Neville
      Hang Nguyen
      Theresa Oo
      Lauren Perow
      Hannah Peterson
      Jonathan Reveley-Cohen
      Joan Rogers
      Devin Ryman
      Kirwin Seger
      Bethany Sheffield
      Lorri Shideler
      Susan Sieber
      Amanda Siglin
      Erika Slocum
      Julie Steeg
      Linda Taylor
      Kristin Twardowski
      Nahui Twomey
      Vasilisa Urvanova
      Rebecca Walsh
      Tasia White
      Maris Wilson
      Rayne Young
      Belinda Zauzig