Kronos Mobile (for use with Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices):

Juniata would like to provide you with the following information to set up your device on Kronos Mobile. Please note that Juniata College is unable to support your personal mobile devices, but we are offering Kronos Mobile and the information below to assist you in utilizing this convenient self-service option.

REVIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS before installing apps to make sure you follow the proper steps when installing your Kronos Mobile application. Note: When you receive a pop up asking “If you want to allow your location information to be sent to the Kronos server,” please answer yes to this question if you will be using our device to punch in and out.

How to get started from on campus:

  • Under your WiFi settings, connect to JCSecure. You cannot use your device's wireless. You MUST be using the College's network in order to use Kronos.
    • You can set this up to automatically connect, so that you can skip this step when accessing Kronos in the future.
  • From your app store download Kronos Mobile to your device. You may need to Accept Permissions.
    • IPad users should download the IPhone version.
  • Once downloaded, open the app.
  • When you receive a pop up asking “If you want to allow your location information to be sent to the Kronos server”. Please answer yes to this question if you will be using our device to punch in and out.
  • Below the Log On button is an option to “Try Demo”
    • You should try the demo to move around and get used to Kronos and how to enter punches, review timecards and approve them. Any changes you make will not actually be saved.
    • See how to navigate Kronos Mobile for information on how to get around the app.
    • The demo also shows Time Off Requests for managers and Requests for employees, Juniata does not use these options.
  • To exit the demo mode, you will need to find the menu option on your device.
    • Android – it’s the 3 lines at the bottom of your phone and you will be given the option to Exit Demo.
  • Enter your Juniata network username and password.
  • Server address is:
  • Press the Log On button.

Access from off campus: This is not available to all users, due to Firepass application availability. If you have a device that is compatible with the Firepass app, you will be able to use Kronos from off campus also.

  • We have found that older Android devices do not work with Firepass, therefore using Kronos from off campus will not be an option for these users. Android 4.0 or later users may attempt to use Firepass, by downloading “Firepass Big IP Edge Client” app.
  • From your app store, download the Firepass (F5) Edge application to your device:
    • Server name is
    • If prompted to Accept Certificate, answer Yes.
    • You will use your Juniata username and password.

How to navigate in Kronos Mobile:

  • Most important item to note. By default, you will see data on the Current Pay Period. This will be what you see each time you log into Kronos. To change to the Previous Pay Period follow below:
    • Android – Using the wheel in upper right hand corner.
    • Apple – Wrench in the bottom right hand corner.
    • The drop down will say Current Pay Period, pressing on it will give you the option to change it to Previous Pay Period.
  • If you manage employees and also have a timecard, your screen will be spilt into two parts.
    • The top of the screen is Manage area, this is for managers to see what they can do.
    • The bottom of the screen is My Tasks, which is for employees to punch (if applicable), review and approve their timecards.
  • Kronos Mobile handles basic tasks only:
    • Employees can approve their timecard, punch in or out, view accruals and schedules. Just tap your screen on each option. Please note, timecard edits cannot be made through Kronos mobile. If you need to make changes to what is showing in a timecard, you will need to access Kronos via the web on a computer.
    • Managers can review Timecard Exceptions
      • You may enter missing punches on your employee timecards. This is the only edit that can be made on a timecard.
      • Other exceptions will appear here, like unexcused absences. This occurs when an employee is scheduled to work but doesn’t have hours entered or a leave code.
    • Managers can Approve Timecards
      • Employees listed in red on this screen have “exceptions.” These would only show if you did not fix or mark the exception under the Timecard Exception area as reviewed.
      • At the bottom of your list it says Approve Clean. This allows you to approve all timecards on your list that do not have an exception. If you do not supervise everyone on your list, do NOT tap on the Approve Clean button. This will approve everyone, including employees you do not directly supervise.
      • To approve timecards individually or with unresolved exceptions tap the employee’s name, review the timecard and tap approve at the bottom of the screen.
      • If you "Approve Clean" in error or approve the Current Pay Period by mistake, you will need to access Kronos from a computer to remove your approvals.
  • Hints for Android users :
    • The red Kronos logo on the top left corner of your screen is your Home or back button.
    • Using the menu button from your Home screen, gives you the option to Sign Out.