Each 4’ x 8’ brick has space for three lines, with up to 20 characters per line, including letter, spaces between words, apostrophes, and other characters. If you wish to honor a person or group, you may do so, but the maximum number of characters must not be exceeded. Your inscription will be centered line by line as it appears on the form. Your inscription may consist of upper and lower case letters.

If you want to purchase a brick visit our giving page. Once there make the gift $150 per brick and then select “Click here for additional designations or to select multiple designations.” Select other and then enter all of the information needed to meeting the above criteria.


Inscriptions may not (i) discriminate or constitute harassment against any individual or group because of their sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age or physical disability; or (ii) contain any obscenity, defamatory speech, misleading commercial speech or speech that incites, or could incite, violence. The College reserves the right to remove any brick if you and/or the person you name is (a) later convicted of a felony; or (b) engages in conduct which, in the sole discretion of the College, is significantly detrimental to the reputation of the College, such that the continued name association between you and/or the person you name and the College would be contrary to the best interests of the College.